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Pre-hospital emergency medical equipment and high-quality medical training courses | Prometheus Medical UK - Prometheus is a leading supplier of pre-hospital emergency medical equipment and high-quality medical training courses for a wide audience; from the layperson through to the healthcare professional.

  • https://www.prometheusmedical.co.uk/prometheus-training High quality medical training for private security, military and health care professions. | Register for medical courses online - Experts in providing high quality certified training and other support to a range of organisations. In addition to our advertised courses, we can also deliver bespoke training packages.
  • https://www.prometheusmedical.co.uk/courses/pre-hospital-emergency-ultrasound Pre-Hospital Emergency Ultrasound | Register for Medical Courses online - Theoretical and practical training in pre-hospital ultrasound scanning , the course uses realistic clinical scenarios to provide hands-on training using the latest ultrasound equipment.
  • https://www.prometheusmedical.co.uk/courses/viper-vip-emergency-responder VIPER™ - VIP Emergency Responder | FPOSi | Register for Medical Courses online - VIPER™ Course aims to equip students with the essential medical skills so that they are capable of delivering lifesaving immediate medical care in a hostile environment. Awarded FPOS
  • https://www.prometheusmedical.co.uk/courses/viper-refresher VIPER Refresher | FPOS (Intermediate) | Register for Medical Courses online - The two-day VIPER™ Refresher Course is ideal for those wishing to renew their FPOS (Intermediate) certification
  • https://www.prometheusmedical.co.uk/courses/sphere SPHERe™ | Specialist Pre-hospital Emergency Resuscitation Course | Register for Medical Courses online - The SPHERe™ course provides the pre-hospital medical professional with advanced training in pre-hospital resuscitation to enable them to deliver elite, high-quality care in the critical emergency of cardiac arrest
  • https://www.prometheusmedical.co.uk/courses/expemed-expedition-medicine Expemed™ | Expedition Medicine | Register for Medical Courses online - ExpeMed™ - Expedition Medicine Course. ExpeMed is the UK's longest established expedition medicine course for healthcare professionals, designed to provide them with the knowledge and practical skills to plan for an expedition, maintain the expedition. Become a member of the ExpeMed™ Register and be informed of requests for expedition medics.
  • https://www.prometheusmedical.co.uk/courses/emergencies-general-practice Emergencies In General Practice | Register for Medical Courses online - The Emergencies in General Practice course aims to equip primary care clinical staff with the essential skills required to deliver immediate care to patients with life-threatening emergencies prior to the arrival of the ambulance.
  • https://www.prometheusmedical.co.uk/courses/mimms-major-incident-medical-management-and-support MIMMS - Major Incident Medical Management and Support | Register for Medical Courses online - Essential training for personnel who are involved in major incident planning or providing a major incident response. Certification is issued by ALSG (Advanced Life Support Group) and is valid for four years.
  • https://www.prometheusmedical.co.uk/courses/remote-road-traffic-collision-management-casualty-extrication Remote Road Traffic Collision Management & Casualty Extrication | Register for Medical Courses online - To train security and medical personnel to manage the scene and the extrication of a casualty in a road traffic collision using minimal equipment in a remote location.
  • https://www.prometheusmedical.co.uk/courses/surviving-adventure Surviving Adventure | Manage an Emergency Medical Situation Travelling | Register for Medical Courses online - Training the adventure traveller, outdoor enthusiast and Gap Year student to manage a medical emergency while off the beaten path or in a remote location. FPOS Basic certification.
  • https://www.prometheusmedical.co.uk/courses/uk-hems-helicopter-crew UK HEMS Helicopter Crew | Specialist training | Register for Medical Courses online - Specialist training for doctors, paramedics and flight nurses who wish to work within a helicopter emergency medical service (HEMS) to provide advanced medical care in the pre-hospital arena.
  • https://www.prometheusmedical.co.uk/courses/medical-first-aid-board-ship Medical First Aid on Board Ship | Medical Training on Board Ships | Register for Medical Courses online - This training is intended for seafarers who are designated to provide medical first aid on board ship, in accordance with STCW 95 Regulation V1/4, para 1 and STCW Code Section A-V1/4-1.
  • https://www.prometheusmedical.co.uk/courses/tactical-care-officer Tactical Care Officer | Register for Medical Courses online - Provision of effective trauma management in all environments, enabling officers to provide rapid and effective life-saving interventions, where access to emergency medical services may be limited or restricted by the tactical situation. IHCD First Person On Scene (FPOSi) - Intermediate.
  • https://www.prometheusmedical.co.uk/accommodation Accommodation | Prometheus Medical UK - Prometheus has sole ownership of a discreet residential training complex based around a former Victorian rectory in Herefordshire and set in over eleven acres of mixed terrain countryside. The centre can provide high-quality full board accomodation for up to 12 students within the main house. The comfortable bedrooms are all ensuite and have TV and broadband facilities. There is also an on-site gym which includes an extensive weights collection, a state of the art treadmill, cross trainer and rowing machine.
  • https://www.prometheusmedical.co.uk/equipment/airway-breathing Airway & Breathing | Specialist Emergency Medical Equipment - Effective maintenance of a patient’s airway and ensuring adequate ventilation are key elements of pre-hospital emergency medical care. We aim to provide the latest airway and ventilation tools to ensure the pre-hospital practitioners can optimize a patient’s oxygenation and ventilation, whether following a traumatic injury or acute medical event.
  • https://www.prometheusmedical.co.uk/equipment/haemorrhage-control Haemorrhage Control | Specialist Emergency Medical Equipment - Haemorrhage is the leading cause of death following major trauma. It is imperative the life-threatening external haemorrhage is rapidly and effectively controlled as soon as possible after injury. Prometheus offers the latest generation of tourniquets, dressings and haemostatic agents, which are crucial in controlling catastrophic haemorrhage and saving life.
  • https://www.prometheusmedical.co.uk/equipment/splintage-immobilisation Splintage & Immobilisation | Specialist Emergency Medical Equipment - Once a fracture is assumed, Splinting and immbolisation equipment is needed to safely support and immobilise the affected area, preventing further movement. Prometheus Medical provides strong, customisable equipment that is quick to apply under various circumstances, stabilising the patient, successfully preventing further injury.
  • https://www.prometheusmedical.co.uk/equipment/medical-bags-kits Medical Bags & Kits | Specialist Emergency Medical Equipment - Pre-hospital care providers rely on their medical equipment to deliver frontline life-saving care. We believe in supporting both the individual provider and emergency system by providing the medical kit configuration to meet their needs. Our selection of tailored, modular medical kit ranges from individual trauma pouches to mass casualty equipment solutions
  • https://www.prometheusmedical.co.uk/equipment/monitors-ultrasound-defibrillators Monitors, Ultrasound & Defibrillators | Specialist Emergency Medical Equipment - Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is the leading cause of sudden death in the adult population. Effective treatment relies on rapid access to a defibrillator. The management of any unwell or injured casualty should involve patient monitoring and assessment of their physiology. Prometheus provides the full range of resuscitation and monitoring equipment, from the first responder using an automated external defibrillator to the enhanced pre-hospital care team needing intensive care-level monitoring with telemedicine capability
  • https://www.prometheusmedical.co.uk/equipment/specialist-bags-kits Specialist Bags & Kits | Specialist Emergency Medical Equipment - Prometheus Medical Specialist Bags and Kits have been developed by experts with extensive experience in pre-hospital emergency care and major incident planning and provisions. The Specialist Bags and Kits are designed for the most challenging incidents and are ideally suited for Paramedic Officers, Major Incident Officers, Medical Incident Commanders and Air Ambulance operations.
  • https://www.prometheusmedical.co.uk/equipment/casualty-evacuation Casualty Evacuation | Specialist Emergency Medical Equipment - Patients suffering acute medical illness or following traumatic injuries need to be rapidly moved from the scene for definitive medical care. The point of injury may be remote, in a tactical area or require specialist evacuation procedures. Our range of casualty evacuation equipment is designed for a range of patients in different situations.
  • https://www.prometheusmedical.co.uk/equipment/prometheus-equipment Prometheus Equipment | Specialist Emergency Medical Equipment - Based on our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in patient care, Prometheus offers a range of own-branded products, ranging from award-winning dressings to specialist equipment for the most demanding of medical situations.
  • https://www.prometheusmedical.co.uk/equipment/hypothermia-prevention-management Hypothermia Prevention & Management | Specialist Emergency Medical Equipment - Patients who become hypothermic require immediate, pre-hospital intervention to prevent further cooling and to effectively initiate the re-warming process. Hypothermic patients are often found in remote, inaccessible locations where evacuation will take some time. Prometheus provides only the best in thermal insulation and re-warming technology, tried and tested by leading pre-hospital professionals.
  • https://www.prometheusmedical.co.uk/equipment/trauma-accessories Trauma Accessories | Specialist Emergency Medical Equipment - Caring for major trauma patients often requires specialist skills and equipment. The nature of trauma means patients may be trapped, lying in remote areas, requiring advanced pre-hospital intervention and needing complex, multi-disciplinary teams to care for them. Prometheus provides a range of the latest generation of trauma accessories, all designed to improve the quality of care to the injured patient.
  • https://www.prometheusmedical.co.uk/equipment/intraosseous-access Intraosseous Access | Specialist Emergency Medical Equipment - Using the intraosseous for the administration of fluids and drugs is rapid and effective. Gaining intraosseous access when intravenous access is not possible can be life-saving. To effectively achieve intraosseous access, specialist equipment and training are needed. Prometheus has extensive experience in the use, development and education of intraosseous access techniques.
  • https://www.prometheusmedical.co.uk/equipment/personal-protection Personal Protection | Specialist Emergency Medical Equipment - Personal protection is the first concern of any emergency responder. Without personal protective equipment, the rescuer risks also becoming a patient themselves. Whether caring for a trapped trauma patient, operating under fire or responding to a major chemical, biological and nuclear incident, Prometheus provides the very latest in effect personal protection, keeping the responder safe, whatever the environment.

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  • timultei - These tablets work great in my pool and will last a very long ...

    These tablets work great in my pool and will last a very long time. Thank you for providing this service. I much prefer having this heavy delivered rather than having to go to a store and bring it home.

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  • Barbara - This is great stuff

    Heard about this product and saw it elsewhere at significantly higher prices. Be careful with the skin tones, however. I am fairly light skinned and bought it in a Medium at another store. It was too light. The Tan is good. I am buying the Dark (also from Amazon so I now have 3 tubes) to mix with my Medium so that I'm not wasting the product.

  • Sally Crapanzano - Thieves is awesome!!!

    A friend of mine suggested I try this product when H1N1 was in our schools. Her mom used it for many years and swore it worked. I have now been using it for a year and will use nothing else when my child is sick. As soon as a sniffle or cough starts I use a wide paint brush and "paint" the bottom of her feet with it, then put on her cotton socks. The next day she is 100% better. I also babysit for a 6 year old boy who comes to me sometimes sick, as soon as he walks in the door I put it on his feet. The next day his mom tells me he is feeling so much better. So this is enough for me. IT REALLY WORKS.