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  • Pashusa - good tool for a good price.

    I have used these grinders for years in a professional shop. They stand up to everyday all day use. I am sure it will far exceed my needs at my home shop.

  • Marty Scholes - There is good stuff in here

    Good overview of TOC in a fictional applied scenario. The specific situations seemed a little contrived as did the character development, but that was not the point of the book. I have since purchased additional titles by the author and am reading them.

  • Jerimiah - worked for a while

    This stuff is worth a try, but I've used it on three occasions and find that it fixes the leak in my spa for a month to six months but the leak eventually returns. Of course it does not claim to be a miracle and it is worth a try if tearing up the spa is the alternative.

  • Books6000 - It works 2nd month edges growing back like weeds!!!

    This really works on 2nd month edges growing back after accidental hair cut by stylist ...so happy with this product. I can't wait for month 4.

  • bjdub82 - Does not live up to the reviews I read....

    I was so excited about this, hearing it was better than the Amope. However, when I received it, I was seriously let down. It has no power to it. I touch it lightly to my skin, not even pressing, and it stops turning. I wrote the company explaining my concerns that maybe something was defective with it. I even tried different batteries. I never heard one word from the company. I should probably just try to return it because it was a waste of money. Should have spent the extra and went with Amope.

  • Gabrielle - Super cool idea

    Super cool idea, but falls short of expectation big time. Used as the directions stated, found that it is not as strong, nor pliable as described. Tried fixing and mending quite a few things around the house, let cure for 24+ hours to find it will bond to surfaces etc, but not for long. For example: making a new small nob for a window closing crank. After curing 24 hours I attempted to test it out. It fell off after 2 turns, didn't bond well at all. Next I tried reinforcing a loose and wobbly door hook and latch, found the same problem to be present, however it is still working. Just still loose in the screw hole a bit. I have 3 pouches left, so I will try another task with different variables in the near future and update my findings. So far really not impressed :(