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  • Amazon Customer - "Stubby" gets the job done

    Purchased this for a 2011 Rav4, and then I found the orignal one that I thought had been lost. the "stubby" is really well made, not flexible like the original, but it is "stubby" and not nearly as long. It seats firmly into the screw in mount. It improves FM reception by bringing in stations that you can't receive when operating without. Some strong FM stations you can receive without any antenna. I recently drove out of town. After about 150 miles, I starting losing my FM station using the "stubby". I then pulled over and switched the original antenna back in. The station was about the same, perhaps just slightly better with the original antenna. the "stubby' is a very comparable replacement at a good price. "Made is Portland" it stated on my box.

  • momof1gr8girl - These do absolutely nothing!

    Complete garbage. I'm not sure who is writing these glowing reviews but I'm guessing they are compensated by the company. Followed directions in package and as one of the top reviewers suggested. Nothing happened. Nothing at all. Complete waste of time. For the price of these you can just pay to get a professional pedicure.