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  • Michael Berry - New Guitar works much better than the previous Madcatz version. No complaints.

    This rock band guitar works perfectly. No complaint's. I returned two of the first Rockband 4 guitars because it simply didn't work out of the box. Glad PDP picked up the ball from Madcatz. Having fun with the content, especially the behind the music its too funny and really fun. Good job Harmonix.

  • Crystal Puglisi - But love the shoes

    I am usually an 8.5-9 at the most. Had to return for 1 size larger. But love the shoes. Very comfortable.

  • Trogdor - Nice case one flaw

    Nice case. The texture is nice. Has one flaw though! The magnets fell out odnthe side of mine less than 3 weeks after receiving it. Now there's gaps where they used to be and its not as comfortable to hold.

  • Ron Kunkle - Better than what I've used in the past

    After getting this sample, bought this for my whole house. Better than what I've used in the past. Looks like it should last for a long time. Seems to keep out pine needle's too.

  • J. K. Massey - Fading of Sun Spots

    This product made my skin feel great and I like it. When I first got this I was skeptical, but I wanted to try this out to see is it would help with some sun spots on my face and a few crows feet around my eyes. The first few days I noticed that the spots started to lighten up and I could feel a difference in how my skin felt. That is when I knew that I would replace my moisturizer and use this product. The container I liked because I could just push the top lid and there was a hole for the cream to come out of. Most cream you have to mess with a lid or squeeze out the cream. This container seemed to be more convenient. The feel of the cream was light on my skin and did not feel heavy at all. It was like it was not even on my face. Which is great when you apply makeup over it. So far my results are great. I still have sun spots and acne scars, but they are not prominent as they used to be. I do suggest that you use the cream at night because retinol makes your skin more sensitive to sun light. That is why I use it at night and not in the morning.