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  • Devonne - Saving me $$$

    My hair has been going through a lot lately I went my natural very very dark brown hair color to blonde, I have a bad habit of straightening and curling my hair, so I had to give WEN a try and I LOVED IT. BUT the price isn't something I can constantly deal with-mainly because of the shipping and handling-if it was able to be bought in stores I'd never think of switching. It really is a great product when used right but I need money or else having nice hair won't really matter as much. I did some reviews and tried out Hair One. Not only did it ship to me extremely fast (ordered on a monday received that tuesday while choosing the free shipping option) and used it that night. My hair felt just as soft as my first use with WEn, the only thing I'd recommend is using a little of Hair one as a leave in conditioner the first/second time to help your hair really soak in what it's been missing-my first use after drying it was a little frizzy on the top of my head-I only used it as leave in conditioner in fear of my head looking too oily but the second time it looked great/ satisfied for now, we'll see how this goes.

  • PB&J - Very nice for the price, but very buggy (UPDATED)

    Overall I really love my Chromebook. I'm very familiar with Chrome and use Google's products daily, so it was easy to adopt to. The keyboard is actually much better than I expected. Very comfortable and responsive. I like the ease of use overall and think it was money well spent.

  • Shaun - I have had mixed results with this product. I ...

    I have had mixed results with this product. I have used it twice, once it worked perfectly, the other time it did not. I don't necessarily think it was a failure of the product, but the leak was a result of a torn or broken seal. This stuff doesn't replace any parts of the seal, so if it's torn you will need a mechanic to replace it. But if the deal has dried and shrunk, you may have a chance. The case in which it worked for me was a Chevy s-10 where the leak was more of a ooze than a full on drip. The other case in which it failed was a Ford Ranger where it would lose a quarter of a quart each time you drove it. Be realistic in your expectations. If it pours out quicker than you can add fluid, this most likely won't work or will only slow the leak. If it's just a seeping seal,I'm confident it will dry it up.

  • Amazon Customer - computer

    Bought this for someone else, I guess they liked it as they use it, not sure what else you would like of my opinion on it

  • Trevor L. Agard - Easy to learn and use

    QuickBooks for Mac 2014 is very intuitive, it is easy to learn and use. I was able to set up my small business in a matter of minutes and am able to keep it updated with minimal maintenance on a weekly basis. I am confident that it will accommodate the growth of my business for many years to come.