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  • KBCinTX - Works okay but super white doesn't last

    My teeth look super white when done but that wears off really quick. By the next time you eat. I tried not eating for 12 hours after treatment and the super white still goes away. I do believe my teeth have whitened a shade or two after continuous use.

  • Amazon Customer - Made my skin react worse

    I have and have always had really bad acne since I was in middle school and I thought from reading the reviews on this that it would be awesome for my skin but it made it worse with more oil and more acne and I already have oily skin. It also gave me a rash all over both my cheeks and my whole neck. I saw some reviews with the pics included and it didn't look like it really made a change or noticeable difference on the otter customer's skin but then again everyone's skin is different I guess. Won't be using this again.

  • judy uschold - ... problem & didn't make the bumps or redness any better. Seems very greasy

    It did not help him at all - didn't relieve the itching which was his main problem & didn't make the bumps or redness any better.

  • Andres - very happy and comfortable

    Probably you wont believe me. I am from Argentina and I use it while hunting wild boars in a blind. You must be quiet and avoid noises. Yesterday I put them inside my pocket with the provided bag, (I purchased 2 units) One in my left pocket the other in my right side pocket. I was sitting down and warm enough while waiting, very happy and comfortable. It was from 8pm until 6am, I was surprised it last all night long with a very good temperature. I put them in my backpack with all the hunting gear and I drove home. I arrived home at 21:00 hs and started to unpack my things from my pick up and... I still cant believe it, both of them were still warming my gear after more than 24 hours. So It will be an should for hunting from now on. The only problem is the smell, but it is fixed if you keep it inside your clothes, I Will puirchase more...