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Relacore Extra, PM, & Relacore System - The ultimate super fat burning belly bulge system - Dieting is stressful. You worry about what to eat... when to eat... how much to eat. All that worry leads to "diet stress." Everyday stress can cause your body to increase or retain belly fat. Relacore Extra can help.

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  • bmbranno - I guess Vet's don't live in an area as tick-infested as ours.

    We have tick city in our area and wanted to keep poisons off of our dogs so we opted to try this "Vet's Best" tick spray. So far, no improvement. We've used this continuously on all of our five dogs and their kennels and beds without success. Sorry, but despite the other reviews that claim this is the greatest thing since ice cream...it's not. Even after three weeks of continuous use we still saw ticks crawling on our dogs, and that's not okay with us. So, sadly, we've opted to go with Frontline Plus as our only other option. On a good note, we loved the smell of the cloves and peppermint. It was quite pleasant, though at times a bit cloying, but nice just the same. As another note, we also used the garlic bits sold by Springtime to go for both an internal and external all natural preventative measure. Same results. Face it, the bugs keep getting tougher as we keep plastering them with poisons, so it's hard to believe that all natural methods will really work as well as they did in the past before Raid and other major bug insecticides came into the picture.

  • polly purebred - STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS STUFF

    So sorry I ever used this product. I installed ceramic tile (wood look) floors in my house and used the floor finish based on a suggestion of the installer. After I applied it I was just thrilled. The floors were beautiful, shiny and everyone thought they were real wood. I thought this was the best product since sliced bread. This was about a year ago. Well, now I am just sick that I ever used this stuff. It is like a layer of clear fingernail polish. It hates water (I put it in my kitchen and two bathrooms) and if water drops go unnoticed for a bit it will ruin the shine either leaving a foggy looking spot or completely removing the finish from that spot. Just recently we had bad rains and I came in from the wet patio, wiped my feet on the rug then as I was going down the hall got sidetracked by something on TV and stood there for a bit. Now I have a beautiful imprint of my foot where it took off the finish. If you try to put more product over the spots they still show. No matter what you do the floor looks horrible. I have read that removal is a nightmare and I am not willing to go that route due to the hassel of pretty much moving every piece of furniture in my house, again. I hate that this happens because I was so happy with my new shiny floors. I feel that the condition of the floors now actually would reduce the value of my house. I know if I was looking at houses I would not be interested in one that had floors that appeared to be scraped up. Maybe this works better on wood or laminate but do not ever use it on ceramic tile or you will regret it forever.

  • Amazon Customer - Listen to music underwater!great for the money!

    waterproof bluetooth headphone?sure !!!I have to say, it isn't the best sound quality, but it allows you to listen to music underwater. It sounds better under water than it does out of water but still good enough to listen to if you went running or working out.Well worth the $30 bucks I spent on it here.

  • JewishBacon - dont cheap out on a slow ssd, unless you use it for external storage

    I used this as an external storage media, like a USB thumb drive. Its subpar for an internal ssd, but still better than a spinning drive. I threw it into a drive enclosure and use it to hold big files when Im at school. I have not used it in as an internal drive in a PC, but it must use SLC as a buffer because I get 200+ MB/s transfer speeds, but after a little bit it drops to a solid 75. oh well, Good for my purpose.