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Startowa - Usługi komunalne dla samorządów gminnych,przedsiębiorstw, instytucji oraz mieszkańców. REMONDIS Szczecin świadczy kompleksowe usługi w zakresie odbior...

Country:, Europe, PL

City: 21.0362 , Poland

  • John Shepherd - Squirrels have fear - the squirrelinator is here!!!

    If your squirrels are used to getting food consistently in a particular location on the ground I am 100% sure this thing will great work for you. I don't know if it would work quite as well if there is a lot of widely dispersed squirrel food and they have lots of options for getting food.

  • Natalie Martin - Love it!

    I love my Nutrabullet! I use it to make my green smoothie every morning. It mixes and purees the food so well that there are not any food particles. I mix 2 handfuls of spinach, a banana, leftover pulp from juicing or frozen fruit with coconut milk. I also use this to grind up nuts to make nut milks which are fantastic. It is a great way to get started on a healthy diet. Another great way to kick off your diet is with a great cleanse 

  • Anthony Fazio - Lack of Ethics

    Total Scam is more appropriate. The program's principles are not the object of the review. The lack of business ethics is decidedly the object. Signing up online was relatively easy; the package was $149 as advertised. But hidden in the fine print is a subscription service; agreeing to purchase the package for the stated price apparently enrolls you in the sub service, which is not mentioned in the online invoice. And of course, attempting to cancel is harder than rolling boulders uphill. Shame on these people for preying on well-intentioned, concerned parents!

  • Miss T - Simply love the Medlov's

    I thoroughly enjoyed Gabriel's story. I hate giving out spoilers when doing a review. So I'm just going to say how absolutely happy I was with how things turned out especially for Briggy ;-)

  • jimbo - H&R Block home basic download no problem, works great

    I have been using H&R Block basic for several years and it does a great job including brokerage entries. This year I had trouble finding H&R Block basic in stores, downloaded it from Amazon, no problems, worked great

  • Amanda - the cover doesn't fit the greatest.

    Fits well. The sticky strips are holding even in 100 degree weather. The only negative I would say is that around the key hole and latch to open the console, the cover doesn't fit the greatest.