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  • RUTH Gerald - Omega 3XL

    This omega 3 did not make my pain lessen at all. furthermore, not only is it overrated; it is too expensive. I am still looking for one that works.

  • lu ann silveri - Unfortunately the product did NOT work at all. The ...

    Unfortunately the product did NOT work at all. The green dye given to color the "mesh" dyed my pool decking! Grass never grew. it was one big mess.

  • Retortnegid - Overrated and dangerous to the computer.

    Installed and ran Acronis True Image 2015 and discovered my XP and Photoshop activation failed, unlike the 2013 version. So,After attempting again to clone I was informed my PC-specific registration at Acronis failed repeatedly to load and that the sale was not on record! They are wholly incompetent and a threat to every computer that has had their program uninstalled and reinstalled due to the above failure.

  • Laura Wilson - Good Skin Cream

    I first tried Sebamed when looking for a lotion that didn't aggravate my daughter's eczema. I used their lotion and it helped clear her eczema up. I have extremely sensitive, adult acne-prone skin so I thought I would give this a shot. For a month or two, it worked amazingly and I thought my skin looked better than it had in a while and I had fewer breakouts. It then suddenly stopped working well for me - as many others have - and I have since stopped using it.

  • Amazon Customer - Do not be SCAMMED!!! NO TRUE HDR - even with the "upcoming update" OOOOHHHHH!!!! Screw sony

    I absolutely cannot believe that Sony is getting away with this... I just bought this tv at Best Buy (sorry Amazon wanted it then and there) I just got my Xbox One S and wanted a 4k HDR capable tv - which this one is advertised all over their website as having HDR capabilities...IT DOESN"T IF you want an HDR capable tv - do not buy this one. It doesnt come with HDR but claims to be HDR with an upcoming firmware update for the tv software (NOBODY AT SONY HAS A CLUE ABOUT WHEN THIS WILL EVEN COME OUT...) and even then the update will allow the tv to DECODE the HDR signal, but not NATIVELY DISPLAY IT!!! So this means no true HDR ever - just kinda HDR with the who knows when update. Pathetic Sony. I will certainly be looking at more TV's like backlit LG's!!!! Just gonna be sure to buy here for better price AND the 5year plan is cheaper than Best Buys 2 yr....Thanks AMAZON!