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Revello - Valori e Competenze per il dentale - Strumenti, attrezzature, prodotti, materiale per lo studio dentistico. Revello segue gli odontoiatri in ogni fase del lavoro, dalla vendita all'assistenza post vendita per gli studi dentistici

  • http://www.revello.net/Novità/Novità/SAM-3-Basic-SOLTEC/ S.A.M. 3 Basic SOLTEC - Un apparecchio professionale automatico multifunzione per il corretto protocollo di trattamento degli strumenti

    Country:, Europe, IT

    City: 12.5473 Rome, Italy

  • Tom D. - Just another 5 star review

    I commute to work on bicycle. I generally use panniers, but there are times when you have extra stuff that you need to haul that will not fit in panniers. I find this bag is perfect for this function. I purchased a size large, and it can fit most things I would want to carry on my back. It also rides fine if it is empty or has just a couple of small items in it.

  • Amazon Customer - Great for price

    The oils seem to be of quality. I only like 4 of the scents. But for the price, I can find something to do with the other 2. One smells like a potent pine sol. I like pine sol so I guess I can clean with that one. I use lavender, lemongrass, and orange in my diffuser. Love those!

  • Alan Prachar - Just as good as the Mopar Crossbars

    I thought I had scored a deal on the actual Mopar crossbars on eBay only to find out it was missing one of the feet, didn't read the fine print. I purchased this kit, and I can confirm it is an EXACT DUPLICATE of the Mopar crossbars. The parts between the two kits are completely interchangeable. I ended up using the Mopar crossbars and bolts (the Mopar kit has star pin security bolts, this kit has standard hex key bolts) and the feet and rubber cross bar strips from this kit (the mopar rubber strips had faded) and it's perfect. Can't recommend it highly enough, save your money and buy this kit.