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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Extended Rehab Boston |Right Turn - Right Turn is a drug & alcohol rehab center in Watertown Ma, that provides Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Extended Care, MAT, and Intervention.

  • http://www.right-turn.org/blog/ Massachusetts Rehab | Blog - Right Turn, a local nonprofit that provides an innovative program offering intensive outpatient treatment and supportive housing in a uniquely creative environment for treating addictions and mental health, is pleased to announce the grand opening of their new Women’s Extended Care Program for Addiction.
  • http://www.right-turn.org/about-us/ Drug & Alcohol Extended Rehab | About Right Turn - Right Turn is a CARF certified Boston drug & alcohol rehab center specializing in, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Extended Care, MAT, & Intervention.
  • http://www.right-turn.org/programs/ Drug & Alcohol Rehab Clinical Services Boston MA | Right Turn - Boston's Right Turn takes an innovative approach to intervention, intensive outpatient, medication assisted, and outpatient treatment in Watertown MA.
  • http://www.right-turn.org/extended-care/ Boston Drug & Alcohol Extended Care Rehab | Right Turn Massachusetts - At Right Turn Watertown our extended care program for men and women provides a structured sober community for the best chance at overcoming addiction.
  • http://www.right-turn.org/intervention/ Drug & Alcohol Intervention Services In Boston MA | Right Turn - Boston's Right Turn provides intervention services with certified intervention professionals, to help find safe treatment programs.
  • http://www.right-turn.org/contact-us/ Boston Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center | Right Turn Watertown Phone & Email - To learn more about our Boston addiction rehabilitation services or to find help for a loved one, please contact us.
  • http://www.right-turn.org/carf-accreditation/ CARF Accredited Drug & Alcohol Rehab | Right Turn Massachusetts - The Right Turn team is highly regarded, earning the highest accreditation awarded by CARF. Trust your treatment, seek help at Right Turn Watertown

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  • A. Gordon - Still Great After All These Years

    My mother used this on me and introduced me to it when I was about 5-years old. I'm now 62 and am pleased to know that it is still available, although it is a little different now. The old Sayman Salve came in 4-oz glass jars, was made in Savannah, GA, and it had camphor in it along with the zinc oxide. It still has the zinc oxide (and the lanolin) and still works just as well as far as I can tell.

  • S. Adams - Delicious, medicinal honey

    Granted, this honey is on the pricey side, but I have to say it's more than worth it. My husband had been trying all kinds of ways to tame his ulcerative colitis for months, but the only thing that worked was this raw organic manuka honey. The only other things he used with it were a product call Sera Vera and some probiotics. He still needs to watch his diet somewhat, but he has not had loose stools or blood in his stools since he went on this raw organic Manuka honey and Sera Vera routine. Now, if he eats something that does not agree with him completely, he will get gas but no blood or diarrhea. This is a very big relief for both of us. We really wanted to avoid having him go on meds. That is just a vicious circle and we were aiming at curing rather than just controlling symptoms. We seem to be headed in the right direction as we are adding more and more foods back into his diet slowly and he is starting to gain his weight back. He loves the taste of the honey and not only eats it on its own, but also on toast several times a day. It has helped heal his gut, it stimulates his appetite, and it satisfies his cravings for sweets, which is great, because he is not eating any sugar at all right now, because sugar depresses the immune system.

  • J. Oswald - Didn't last long

    Stopped working after about 6 months. Even factoring in the low price this is too expensive for the length of time it functioned. Maybe you will get better results because what I was doing was slow/low simmering bone broth for 48 hours outside while it's so hot in the summer. Perhaps that is asking too much of a little stove. I have a covered patio, weather wasn't the cause of failure. Using the lowest setting it stopped working in the middle of the cooking session. That was upsetting but I transitioned to the house oven which meant higher air conditioning bill. Looking for a better answer.

  • Hostile - Love my Xbox One.

    Love this product. Xbox live is fantastic. Run my cable box through the xbox one. Seamless interaction between voice commands. I can go tv and accept game invites without having to use the controller. It really is a great product. Monthly updates continue to ensure the enriching experience. Just keeps getting better and better.