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Dott.ssa Roberta Ravenni | Specialista in Neurologia e Neurofisiologia Clinica - Specialista in Neurologia e Neurofisiologia Clinica, Disordini del Movimento e Malattie Neurodegenerative, Trattamento con Tossina Botulinica (MDS) per disturbi ipercinetici del movimento (emispasmo, blefarospasmo, distonie segmenterie, sindrome di Meige, scialorrea, iperidrosi idiopatica, ecc), Neurofisiologia Pediatrica, Stroke Unit

  • http://www.robertaravenni.it/formazione-e-qualifiche/ Dott.ssa Roberta Ravenni | Formazione e Qualifiche - Laurea in Medicina e Chirurgia – Specialità in Neurofisiologia Clinica e in Neurologia – Università di Siena, Master Universitario II Livello Disordini del ovimento e Malattie Neurodegenerative – Università Cattolica di Milano,Board Certified in Trattamento con Tossina Botulinica e Disordini del Movimento

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    City: 12.1097 , Italy

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    I think this book should be required reading for anyone currently having relationship troubles and ESPECIALLY for someone thinking about getting married. Some people may not like the way the information is presented. Some professionals in this area may claim it doesn't follow 'accepted practice'. But I found it to be invaluable information presented in a straight forward manner that cuts out the BS and jargon that usually prevents good information from being usable.

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    Purchased for my grandson. He loves hunting games and this one he certainly enjoys playing with so many of his friends.