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Rowan Center for Behavioral Medicine - Rowan Center offers a variety of psychology services that help you lead your best life. Our therapy and counseling focuses on wellness and quality of life for each person we treat.

  • http://www.rowancenterla.com/virtual-tour/ Virtual Tour — Rowan Center for Behavioral Medicine - Welcome to the Rowan Center! When you first arrive at the center you will enter our waiting area where you can simply activate your clinician's call light to let us know you have arrived. You are then invited to sit and enjoy some reading materials prior to your appointment. At your appointment time, you will be greeted by your clinician and welcomed in to our individual offices, where we have created comfortable and welcoming spaces for our work together. Our goal has been to  create a physical space that welcomes our patients to a safe, calming environment that reflects our vision and personal styles. For additional information about our location in Burbank or to learn more about our center please visit our contact page.
  • http://www.rowancenterla.com/new-blog/ Rowan Blog — Rowan Center for Behavioral Medicine - Our blog covers a variety of topics important to The Rowan Center.  Our goal is to provide insight into integrated medical subject areas including mental health, nutrition, physiology, wellness, and general medical concerns.  The blog will include features from The Rowan Center's clinical staff, as well as guest posts from other medical and health professionals.  Information provided in this blog is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for therapy. 

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  • Amazon Customer - You can't eat like a cow

    I used this product exactly as directed for 1 month. I also followed the HCG low calorie diet and lost 15lbs. NEWS FLASH: there is no magic, legal, safe product to melt away pounds with no effort. You can't eat like a cow, take these drops, expect to loose weight, then blame the product for no results. Bottom line, first get your diet under control you will then lose weight. Throw in some excersise and you will lose even more weight. This product is not a miricle by any means. If anything, it is a decent appetite supressant. It does not burn or taste bad like other reviews say. It tastes like Grape Dimetapp Childrens Cough Medacine. I am glad I tried it for myself, but will not do it again.

  • Rebecca F - I think it works...

    I think it works... The rats in the attic are too clever to get caught in the different traps that I've tried, so I moved to the deterrent phase. I use these pouches in combination with a plug-in electromagnetic deterrent, so I'm not 100% sure if it's one or the other, but the rats seem to have made themselves scarse in the attic... And it's kind of a nice smell.

  • QuincyFarm - Basic but useful book, FOR PC's.

    A helpful intro to QB that is easy to use as a reference, or to read straight through as an introduction. Note, though, if you're on a Mac: The Mac version of QB2012 is a crippled, feature-less step-child of the PC version. Most of the accounting world, including the author, run PCs. You'll read instruction to do something that simply doesn't exist on the Mac product. For the features where there's parity, there's little variance, but there are a number of features (ie, tracking depreciation of capital expenses, like a truck, building, or piece of equipment) that the Mac version simply doesn't do. Too bad for you, should have bought a PC.

  • Crunchberry - LOVE this - takes 3 seconds to apply - just ...

    I am so rushed to put my makeup on and have NO patience. LOVE this - takes 3 seconds to apply - just a tiny amount. But makes eye makeup so easy to apply and it stays in place!! Highly recommend. I am in my 50's, getting saggy creases - and this stuff really helps.