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  • Amazon Customer - Disappointing compared to the last couple years

    I guess I'm stuck on the 2014 Just Dance...my absolute favorite. My daughter and I play for fun, competition and health, and were excited for the new release. Though the new options and ways to play are fun and innovative, the song selection is terrible and the dances are not as fluid and fun (easy?) to dance along with.

  • Nedron - Do not buy

    Two of the ports broke right away, and it does not charge your phone as many times as it says it does. I am appalled. Definitely do not buy. Also it has a very cheap feel to it. The edges are not metal they are plastic. It is not worth your money. Definitely do not buy. I would put down 0 stars if I could.

  • Jordan G. - Liked it at first, not so much now

    I've used Quicken for way too long than I care to admit. I used to drive to their headquarters to pick up my copy! I also was a beta tester for a few years. The reviews of Quicken 2013 were so bad, that I skipped that version, but when I heard that Quicken 2014 was largely a bug fix, I jumped in and ordered it. I like it a lot so far. One Step Update is so much better than it was. The software prompted me to fix errors in accounts, and fixed a problem that I couldn't fix in Quicken 2012, even after several tech support calls to both my bank and to Quicken.

  • MsNing - Good

    I enjoyed this first book but i feel like I don't know much about the other species i wish authors would list the reading orders so we can read in order i think you need to read about the ujal first to understand melissa's family of course noone tells you this until you read the book and there is no explanation then you are like wth. I'm confused about how the first group got to earth the book doesn't explain much of the preor either i feel like there is a gap in the story line i like the characters but would be better if we knew the whole story

  • bsouth - Love the scent

    First used this in a hotel (the complimentary sample). Loved the scent and it works as well as other shampoos.

  • Paga - Playing is much much better than with FIFA 2105 from easports

    Playing is much much better than with FIFA from easports. First of all, no ridiculous 45th and 90th minute goals as in FIFA. Second, I finally can compete with my son in one-on-opne matches and figure out who's better. With FIFA that was impossible because most of the games seemed fixed. Furthermore, playing is way more realistic compared to FIFA (e.g. pressure on attacking players and pass accuracy).

  • L. Michaels - Not even worth one star

    Very disappointing. It didn't do what it should have and I don't believe this is the real thing. I've bought this product for several years now and never had a problem with it. Bought some more at the PX in Florida while visiting my son and it works just fine. This did not. I won't purchase through Amazon again.