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  • coquetteRN - 4 of the 5 star reviews were made by the same individual

    the same person reviewed this product multiple times with a 5 star opinion. If you remove 3 of those reviews, then you have a more accurate view of this product.

  • Carlo B. - What a BEAST! BURNS the Competition!

    Wow! This is a great flashlight! High-quality built, great functionality, good price - what is not to love about this?

  • Joshua James Duane Otis - The war to end all wars. But is it the FPS to end all FPS's in 2016?

    I've been playing Battlefield titles since my PS2 days with Modern Combat and while my fervor and passion for latenight FPS-fests may have dulled, my love for the series certainly hasn't. I had access to the beta for BF1 on my Xbox and found the multiplayer to be a solid mix of classic FPS elements with new gunplay tweaks to account for the historical backdrop in which the game takes place. DICE has always done a solid job of trying to incorporate feedback into patches and they managed to take most of my issues with the beta and work them out before the final release.

  • susan haisley - I love it. You can take it anywhere

    I love it. You can take it anywhere. I take it to work and make it a daily habit, good habit! I liked it so much I bought one for our daughter

  • M. Prieto - 15 Months of use later - we couldn't be happier

    As first time parents with a penchant for smart shopping my wife and I agonized over the purchase of our daughter's stroller. We read reviews and ratings on the Baby Bargains Book (a must), we read detailed, comparative reviews on this and other strollers by other Amazon users and elsewhere. I will not try to outdo them. I'll keep it simple.

  • Raul's Reviews - Looks great

    I haven't installed it yet cause it's been snowing in NJ, but everything looks straight forward, comes with clips, and weather seal for hood. Looks angry, came to my office and I got plenty of comments and it wasn't even installed, kinda exciting. Will update with my installation experience.