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Skin Renewal Treatments - Sandton Aesthetic Institute - Internationally trained & locally respected doctors and therapists with the latest advancements in skin renewal.

  • http://www.sandtonaesthetics.co.za/SkinTreatments/wrinkle-treatments-sandton.php Wrinkle Treatments - Sandton Aesthetic Institute - Dr Clark’s wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers for face wrinkles are nationally sought after.
  • http://www.sandtonaesthetics.co.za/SkinTreatments/ipl-laser-treatments-sandton.php IPL | Intense Pulsed Light Treatments - Sandton Aesthetic Institute - Safe Intense Pulsed Light skin treatments to correct skin tone, red skin rosacea and remove unwanted body hair.
  • http://www.sandtonaesthetics.co.za/SkinTreatments/dermal-fillers.php Dermal Skin Fillers - Sandton Aesthetic Institute - Dr Alistair Clark is recognised locally and internationally as a leader in the field of Dermal Filler Aesthetics.
  • http://www.sandtonaesthetics.co.za/SkinTreatments/chemical-skin-peels.php Chemical Peels | Skin Peel - Sandton Aesthetic Institute - Smooth out and rejuvenate your face and skin with a professional chemical skin peel treatment.
  • http://www.sandtonaesthetics.co.za/SkinTreatments/laser-skin-treatments.php Laser Skin Treatments, Laser Hair Removal - Sandton Aesthetic Institute - Laser Skin Treatments are suitable for scar removal, skin pigmentation problems, laser resurfacing and stretch mark removal.
  • http://www.sandtonaesthetics.co.za/SkinTreatments/homecare-skin-treatments.php Professional Skincare Products - Sandton Aesthetic Institute - Enhance your aesthetic result with professional skincare products, skin cream and whitening creams.
  • http://www.sandtonaesthetics.co.za/SkinTreatments/dermabrassion-skin-treatments.php Dermabrasion | Skin Resurfacing - Sandton Aesthetic Institute - Dermabrasion is an accurate skin treatment for acne and scars, pigmentation, fine lines and sun spots.
  • http://www.sandtonaesthetics.co.za/SkinTreatments/silkpeel-skin-treatments.php Silkpeel | Acne & Acne Scar Treatments - Sandton Aesthetic Institute - Silkpeel is a revolutionary acne skin treatment for acne scars, skin resurfacing and enlarged skin pores.
  • http://www.sandtonaesthetics.co.za/SkinTreatments/velasmooth-cellulite-treatments.php Velasmooth | Cellulite Treatments - Sandton Aesthetic Institute - Velasmooth is a proven cellulite treatment that works to get rid of cellulite in all areas of the body.
  • http://www.sandtonaesthetics.co.za/SkinTreatments/proellixe-vibration-treatments.php Proellixe Vibration | Muscle Tone & Weight Loss - Sandton Aesthetic Institute - Proellixe Vibration treatment helps to improve muscle tone and bone density and aids with weight loss
  • http://www.sandtonaesthetics.co.za/SkinRenewal/neck_lifts.php Neck Lifts | Neck Augmentation - Sandton Aesthetic Institute - Rejuvenating the skin of the neck and neck augmentation treatments with Dermal Fillers.
  • http://www.sandtonaesthetics.co.za/SkinRenewal/leg-spider-veins.php Leg and Spider Veins - Sandton Aesthetic Institute - Leg and Spider Veins are extremely common treatments at SAI and the team is highly trained in achieving your result.
  • http://www.sandtonaesthetics.co.za/SkinRenewal/hair-removal.php Hair Removal Treatments - Sandton Aesthetic Institute - Our hair removal treatments and techniques are very successful using IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).
  • http://www.sandtonaesthetics.co.za/SkinRenewal/body-circulation.php Body Circulation | Improve Blood Flow - Sandton Aesthetic Institute - Increase your bone density and muscle tone with improved circulation and blood flow.
  • http://www.sandtonaesthetics.co.za/SkinRenewal/sweating.php Treatment Excessive Sweating - Sandton Aesthetic Institute - Excessive sweating is clinically known as Hyperhidrosis. The uncontrolled symptoms occur with no warning and often without anxiety or stress.
  • http://www.sandtonaesthetics.co.za/SkinRenewal/migraine-treatments.php Treatment for Migraines - Sandton Aesthetic Institute - We treat migraines with special injections placed at specific head, neck and shoulder locations
  • http://www.sandtonaesthetics.co.za/SkinRenewal/treating-finelines.php Treating Fine Lines | Facial Lines - Sandton Aesthetic Institute - Fine lines are little imperfections we no longer have to live with, thanks to our skin treatments.
  • http://www.sandtonaesthetics.co.za/SkinRenewal/puffy-eyes-bags.php Puffy Eyes | Bags under Eyes - Sandton Aesthetic Institute - Puffy eyes and bags under your eyes can now be treated with new techniques with safe results and no bruising.
  • http://www.sandtonaesthetics.co.za/SkinRenewal/lip-enhancement.php Lip Enhancement - Sandton Aesthetic Institute - SAI uses one the safest, most clinically studied lip enhancement fillers to augment your lips.
  • http://www.sandtonaesthetics.co.za/SkinRenewal/cheek-enhancement.php Cheek Lift Enhancement - Sandton Aesthetic Institute - The cheek enhancement procedure recreates volume lost in the midface also correcting other wrinkles.
  • http://www.sandtonaesthetics.co.za/SkinRenewal/face-lift-sandton.php Face Lift (Non Surgical) - Sandton Aesthetic Institute - Dr Clark will lift and correct skin quality and wrinkles to leave you with young, rejuvenated skin.
  • http://www.sandtonaesthetics.co.za/SkinRenewal/brow-lift.php Brow Lift Non Surgical - Sandton Aesthetic Institute - Non surgical brow lift to awaken your eyes, rejuvenate your eyebrows and soften forehead lines.

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    I started taking Pregnitude because my periods were irregular. The doctor recommend it and when I looked it up on Amazon, everyone had great reviews saying that they got pregnant after trying for so many years. I'm so excited to say that now I am one of those ladies! I started taking it in October and got pregnant in January!!! We had been trying for 2.5 years and couldn't be happier! Baby K due in October!

  • Kristin Clodfelter - I love this agenda

    I love this agenda! It was just as advertised. The cover is so soft and the gold leaf details are beautiful!

  • ColoXlator - Great tea

    Natural decaf tea, excellent. Drink it all day long. Made in the People's Republic of Boulder by folks who know what they are doing. Highly recommended!!

  • dmrpu - ...........Only last for a year, time to buy a new steamer :(

    I purchased this after reading the reviews on it. It comes with a one year warranty. A couple months after my warranty was up....the steamer stopped working. I contact the authorized dealer in my area, he told me that they don't fix them. They are disposable, cost more to fix then they are worth. That was a waste of $100.

  • James Denlinger - good fit with just in time delivery

    They fit well and had all the hardware. I needed to U tube instructions. Delivery was just in time.

  • Koko - Lasts longer, no gumminess!

    I have blepharitis, and dry eyes. (I won't bore you with how they are related.) I also spend four to eight hours a day on a computer.

  • John - name says it all- "step by step"

    The Microsoft Office 2010 Step by Step series is by far the most easy to understand, careful and methodical learning guide I have ever encountered for any computer software learning. Complete with pictures to aid in showing the reader exactly what their computer should look like if they followed the steps correctly, it makes no assumptions about the individual user's computer savvy- instead defaulting to the position that they know nothing about computers (the way any good computer learning guide SHOULD be written). This series if FAR better than the so called 'for dummies' series, which always left me even more confused after I forced myself to read the first few chapters. I have two of the complete series of books on Microsoft Office 2010, Access 2010 and Outlook 2010. I fully intend to buy the rest of them as soon as I finish devouring these. This series actually makes learning fun. I highly recommend it.