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Country:, South America, BR

City: -43.2192 , Brazil

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    Lost my 2013 version when I upgraded. This version is really buggy. I can't use any control-key combinations and even using the Enter key doesn't work. These guys do not respond to help requests either. I was told 13 minues when I left the e-mail. It has been over 48 minutes as I write. (6:45 PM on Friday Jan 3rd, 2014) Whoops! I just got "There are no agents available to chat with you right now. Please try again later."

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    It was easy to install on my airplane and is working out great. My problem was that when all the avionics (radios, GPS, strobe light, rotating beacon, panel lights, landing light, etc.) were turned on during flight it produced an electrical drain on the battery. If I didn't fly couple times a month or let the plane sit a few weeks, I would have a dead battery. I attached the BatteryMinder leads to the battery and zip-tied the ends to an engine support. When I am not flying I open the cowl inspection flap and very easily plug in the unit. The next time that I go flying the unit is very easy to remove and I have a strong battery for starting the engine, plus it has been desulfated. I am very satisfied with the unit and has solved the starting problem -"Is the engine going to start, after I roll the airplane out of the hanger".

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