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Home - Experience a truly memorable trip on the River Orwell on Sailing Barge Victor - Ipswich-built in 1895 and fully restored to original rig in 2006 – on either a public or bespoke cruise.

  • http://www.sbvictor.co.uk/hire/bird-watching BIRD WATCHING - Enjoy the amazing spectacle of Bird by Barge aboard Thames Sailing Barge Victor. Cruise from Ipswich to the River Stour

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  • David w Strickler - Have been using H&R Block for years for my taxes. Never fails!

    Love it! I always get the basic version. It fits my needs. What more can I say. The free submission is great too.

  • SoftwareExpert - A step backward for Microsoft

    I have a 300,000 line application that I am maintaining and continuing to develop using Visual Studio 6. I really wanted to like this product because I was hoping to have an up-to-date development environment that I could use on a new Windows 8 64-bit computer. Alas, Microsoft has removed the macro facility from Visual Studio -- which eliminates a feature I use hundreds of times per day. The user interface in VS 2012 is perplexing; the main problem being that source files are opened in a sort-of tabbed window. Although it's possible to create separate windows so you can view files simultaneously, there doesn't seem to be an option that would make the separate window display the default.

  • T. Martin - Great software for the money

    I bought this software after having a new house built. The reason was to finish the basement. With the software I am able to layout the floor plan and change it as many times as I want without paying someone else to do it. I am also able to do the 3 D view which is nice so my wife can get an idea of what the area will look like.

  • G. Roebuck - The a ha moment to carbs and sugar.

    Probably like everyone else I have been on 100 diets, atkins, rice, Somona, south beach, you name it. Probably not like everyone else I now find myself close to 100 pounds over my ideal weight. I saw Jorge on the View of all places with three other diet doctors. What struck me was (honestly) he was saying I could eat McDonalds and lose weight (minus the bun but still eat fries!!??!). I pre-ordered the book and got it yesterday. I read it from cover to cover and about chapter 4 I hit that a ha moment. Not, a ha, sugar is bad. I think we all know that...it was A HA, I CAN DO THIS. I mean lets be honest. Atkins works but no buns, no tortillas, nothing..it gets very very boring. Jorge's carb swap system is pretty simple to understand and pretty dang smart. 15 grams of sugar a day, 6 servings of carbs. That means I can have a small fry, cheezits, some breads, buns etc. Even better he has a lot of examples of a belly bad meal and then the belly good option. Heck he even posts a 7 day mean plan that pretty much uses fast food options every day. How easy is that? The book is filled with plenty of recipies, fast food options etc. Some of the foods and ingredients might be hard to find but welcome to 2010 the internet is your friend and you can get pretty much anything you want. If you don't want to use or make any of the foods you can still do the diet with foods available at your local stores. The blue diamond Almond milk is available everywhere as is uncle same cereal...Sobe Lifewater (0 cal) is at every target and usually on sale...cheezit? come on you can find those. The whey powders and oils and "health nut things" well if you can't find them and don't want to use the internet - check your local GNC for alternatives. You know what to look out for, sugar and carbs..simple. Plain and simple this book gives you the tools to do Jorge's plan. There are so many options and combinations you would be hard pressed not to be able to stick to it unless you just fail at counting.

  • John Hong - Just Dance Interface changed

    I was very happy with the interface shown in Just Dance 2013 and Just Dance Greatest Hits. The new interface is a bit more complex and harder to use for people with disability. It is so much more difficult that my brother will not play with it and prefers the older Just Dance games. He did like the new songs, and dance graphics, but it all comes back to the ease of choosing the songs.