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  • http://www.scarleteen.com/article/sexual_identity_in_your_own_words/the_art_of_getting_bi The Art of Getting Bi | Scarleteen - Being bisexual entails a very specific struggle that isn’t talked about enough: being believed.
  • http://www.scarleteen.com/article/gender/welcome_to_trans_summer_school Welcome to Trans Summer School! | Scarleteen - Experiencing a little gender confusion? We know the feeling. In Trans Summer School, we'll give you the big scoop about trans and otherwise gender nonconforming people, and answer your questions about the wide world of gender.
  • http://www.scarleteen.com/article/politics/be_your_own_superhero_learning_how_and_when_to_stand_up_for_ourselves Be Your Own Superhero: Learning How and When to Stand Up for Ourselves | Scarleteen - Feel like being able to clearly set boundaries, stick to them, and assert yourself must require superpowers? Nope! You've already got all the goods: here's how to develop and use them!
  • http://www.scarleteen.com/article/advice/im_not_sure_my_girlfriend_is_enjoying_herself_during_sex_and_im_feeling_insecure Letting Go of Inadequate Feelings - How to communicate about sex when you aren't sure if your partner is enjoying it.
  • http://www.scarleteen.com/article/advice/my_boyfriend_keeps_asking_about_my_sexual_history My boyfriend keeps asking about my sexual history! - Dealing with a partner who keeps asking about something that makes you uncomfortable.
  • http://www.scarleteen.com/article/advice/i_just_want_a_relationship I Just Want a Relationship - What do you do when you really want to date but don't feel great about yourself?

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  • Lexy N. - Blend EVERYTHING!

    I had an old blender that my mom gave me, and I thought it would work well, given that it was new in the box and had never been used before.

  • K. Stevens - Trusted Product

    Have been using McAfee for the past few years and it is a product that mostly does what is expected of it. This is my

  • Harold Hutchison - Okay, but not great.

    Its okay, but missed the tax table entry for my income by one line. Its only $8, but I prefer not have any errors whatsoever. Edits to address this (and other such mistakes) aren't easy, so I used whiteout on the printed copy, and mailed them rather than use the e-file. And I gave up trying to get "registered" in order to get the state version after 3 attempts.

  • @IdeaJason - Works as if it contains ingredients of majic & Voodoo. No pain & heals faster.

    I laughed out loud when they started the tattoo, I couldn't feel anything at all. It lasted around 2.5-3 hours from the time the tattoo started. I could tell how great it worked because the tattoo ended up going out of the area that I numbed by about an inch and the difference was massive.

  • J. M. Gardner - How greedy can they get?

    I've been a Quickbooks user for many years and while I've appreciated their continual improvements I've been increasingly rankled by their mercenary attitude. First let me give them their due. I installed Quickbooks Pro 2011 with nary a hitch and copied/restored 5 companies, again with no problems--well, aside from the fact that I regularly saw that the program "Is not responding" when in fact it was processing the file. And I received an error message on the initial install but it seems to be working... so no complaints. What chaffs me is the fact they are now charging to attach a file of any kind, even if you host it on your own computer, and they prominently display the attachment icon just to temp you? or rub your nose in it? And like many users I despise their forced upgrade policy. This is a company that too clearly puts their bottom line before customer service. This predation is apparently what happens when you have a virtual monopoly. Won't somebody please offer them some decent competition!?

  • Mary De La Garza - christmas gift for son-in- law

    bought this guitar bundle for my son-in-law who has been wanting to learn to play guitar. gave the five star rating because he loved it and was able to play a tune the very first day.

  • Shopping Addict! - Love this book

    Love this book! Great book for dad & kids to read together. Bought this for my husband from the kids for fathers day. Lots of moments within the book are real life things that dads do. Highly recommend.