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  • Theresa149 - Stay with PC version!

    Because I am at work I can't get into all the details, as I am trying to figure out why my memorized transactions aren't automatically entering. I worked with the PC version for years and it was very user friendly. I was excited to switch to a Mac and have had no problems adjusting to Mac software for other products, such as Microsoft Office.

  • Robin Woods - This looked great....

    In the pictures but when it arrived it looked like it had been through a tornado. The box was in pieces. I didn't want to inflate the whole thing up and possibly/ probably find a puncture so I returned it ( Amazon was great ,). I decided to

  • James J. Fenolio - Could be MUCH better

    As a charger, it works just fine. I bought it because of the stand however, and mine just pops out of the stand all the time. So now it just lies there on my nightstand which looks tacky. The charging portion works great. The many ports is awesome. The fact that it doesn't stand up (pun intended) to expectations...