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Seagate World | A look into the human side of Seagate. - Eva has been coming to work for 5 or 6 hours each day for weeks until the pain gets too intense, waiting for her surgery appointment which will be next week

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  • http://www.seagateworld.com/2016/10/supplements-for-kids-what-do-they-need-whats-safe-to-take/ Supplements for Kids: What Do They Need & What's Safe to Take? - What about your kids nutrition? Do they need supplements too, and are dietary supplements safe for kids to take?
  • http://www.seagateworld.com/2016/10/healthy-and-fun-ways-to-exercise-with-your-kids/ Healthy and Fun Ways to Exercise with your Kids - Here are a few healthy and fun ways to exercise with your kids. Give one of these a try this week and see how it goes!
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  • http://www.seagateworld.com/2016/10/controlling-insects-on-seagates-farm/ Controlling insects on Seagate's farm - October 2016 has become a critical month for Seagate's harvests. The olives are ripening early and the tomatoes are all ripening at once and so are the flies.
  • http://www.seagateworld.com/2016/10/olive-harvest-fly-control-and-separating-the-twigs/ Olive harvest and separating the twigs - The 2016 olive harvest season began this week, 3 months ahead of normal. The unusually warm weather is causing the olive to ripen at a very fast pace.
  • http://www.seagateworld.com/2016/10/health-benefits-of-tai-chi-and-how-to-restore-your-natural-balance/ Health Benefits of Tai Chi and How to Restore your Natural Balance - You don't have to subscribe to any certain culture or region to practice Tai Chi, just an open mind and a desire for full-body wellness.
  • http://www.seagateworld.com/2016/10/facebook-comment-local-guru/ Facebook comment -- local guru - Jim McDougal commented on a posting: "Just think of all that time, money, research and education wasted on all those doctors when the local guru can advise you
  • http://www.seagateworld.com/2016/09/new-tomato-crop-part-2-2/ Seagate's New Tomato Crop - Part 2 - For those of you who cannot handle the excitement of watching the moon or the tides, then watching Seagate's tomatoes growing might be too much stimulation.
  • http://www.seagateworld.com/2016/09/are-they-using-fillers-in-your-supplements/ Are they using fillers in your supplements? - Many health food supplements contain any of a number of different additives or fillers that have absolutely no nutritional value and should be avoided.
  • http://www.seagateworld.com/2016/09/new-grape-crop/ New Seagate Grape Crop - Fall is the season for grape harvesting in Baja California. We have not had to deal with insect attacks and infestations nor very hot dry weather this year.
  • http://www.seagateworld.com/2016/09/whats-the-hype-about-superfoods-and-ones-worth-trying/ What's the Hype about "Superfoods" and Ones Worth Trying - Putting all the hype aside for a moment, let's take a closer look at a few superfoods that are actually worth trying.
  • http://www.seagateworld.com/2016/09/understanding-sleeping-patterns-bad-sleep-habits-to-avoid/ Understanding Sleeping Patterns & Bad Sleep Habits to Avoid - So as an alternative to sleeping pills, let's take a closer look at sleeping patterns and bad sleeping habits to break right now.
  • http://www.seagateworld.com/2016/09/angiogenesis-of-tumors/ Angiogenesis of tumors, its history - In order to support a tumor's growth, the blood vessels near the tumor must continue to grow, a process called angiogenesis.
  • http://www.seagateworld.com/2016/09/easy-ways-to-incorporate-artichoke-into-your-diet/ Easy Ways to Incorporate Artichoke into Your Diet - Artichoke is one of those vegetable that many people are intimidated by. Here are some recipe ideas to try next time you're feeling adventurous in the kitchen!
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  • http://www.seagateworld.com/2016/09/natural-chemical-free-hair-and-skin-care-tips-for-fall/ Natural, Chemical-Free Hair and Skin Care Tips for Fall - With these tips you can take an all-natural approach to hair and skin care this fall and feel great about the way you look, both outside and in!
  • http://www.seagateworld.com/2016/09/5-fall-gardening-tips-that-dont-involve-toxic-chemicals/ Fall Gardening Tips That Don’t Involve Toxic Chemicals - To extend your growing season just a little bit longer this year, here are a few gardening tips for fall that don’t involve toxic chemicals.
  • http://www.seagateworld.com/about/ About | Seagate World - The World of Seagate is a mixture of the Third World and the Modern World, of Baja California, Mexico and San Diego, California separated by a fragile metal
  • http://www.seagateworld.com/team/ Team | Seagate World - Richard Lentz Founder of Seagate, farmer, fisherman, and natural foods processor. Occasional underwater photographer. He studied this field in
  • http://www.seagateworld.com/#ShowHidden Seagate World | A look into the human side of Seagate. - Hearing loss is closely associated with old age, but you're never too young to start protecting your hearing and preventing hearing loss.

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  • jvcota213 - Good product

    I ordered this product to use on my vehicle that has a high mileage. I will be pouring it in soon, but I am confident it works because I have used it in the past. I am very happy because I got it for a lot cheaper than Autozone and Pep Boys. I received it in 2 days and now I will use it.

  • S. Kwan - Smooth but stickers peel easy

    It's super smooth and easy to handle however, after 1 week of playing with it, the stickers started to peel. It comes with replacement stickers but still, I didn't expect it to peel so quickly.

  • Richard Chapman - Outstanding program and value

    Great software, solid reliable company, At $25.00 for 5 license pack. How could you go wrong. Norton has really improved over the years. I

  • Amazon Customer - Great as always but a little darker this year

    Great as always but a little darker this year.Read through it once but it definitely needs at least one more read. Been reading this annually for 20+ years!