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Country:, North America, US

City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • nursing student - Crudely constructed

    This was required for my pharm class, when I got it, I was amazed how poorly made it was; the font does not look good and if you erase the card the ink comes off! I could have created a much better design, and made it look so much better.

  • Krysta Fox - Best water conditioner there is

    I have used just about every water conditioner there is. There is no better one on the market in my opinion. The price is awesome considering if you dose correctly, a 500 ML bottle will likely last even a constant water changer years. The dose is so small! I love not having to pump ounces of water conditioner in my tank with every water change and clean. I've got too many other things to put in. Seachem is the brand I now go to first for any of my aquarium chemical/filtration needs. Superior by far.

  • Leslie - ... be able to try these brushes at such a great price. I notice that these look similar to ...

    I was so excited to be able to try these brushes at such a great price. I notice that these look similar to the expensive SIGMAX Kabuki Brush Kit, by Sigma. Unfortunately I lost the package insert which describes each brush and what they are used for. I checked out the Lagure website and I could not find any information. Since they are similar to the sigma brushes, I just compared them and figured it out from there. These are great multipurpose brushes, they don't just do one thing. Just do some research on that particular sigma brush set along with tutorials, you will be able to see all you are able to do with these. I particularly like the precision flat brush for stipling concealer, makes my skin look like skin. I am a beauty and makeup addict, and I have several different types of brushes for every job there is, and I am pretty fond of these. I think the price is unbeatable. I have never used the particular sigma set that these are similar to, so I can't compare, but all I can say is try them, I think these are good, I use at least one of the brushes in this set on a daily basis depending on my desired outcome. Thank you!