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The Seton Fund - The Mission of The Seton Fund is to be the fund development and endowment arm of the Daughters of Charity healthcare ministry of Central Texas.

  • http://www.setonfund.org/seton-angels The Seton Fund - Join the Seton Angels - We are the Seton Angels, a philanthropic group that proudly represents donors of all cultures and backgrounds, that supports specific projects and programs at Seton Medical Center Austin.

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  • Chad D. Ward - Good software. Abusive licensing system.

    Quickbooks is Quickbooks. It is the standard for small business accounting software. What makes this review only three stars is that you have to keep paying for it again and again. I was happily using an earlier edition of Quickbooks when Intuit decided to stop supporting my version, meaning that I could no longer email invoices or send them as .pdfs, limiting the utility of the program. Imagine my joy when contacting the company to discover that I had to buy an updated version or buy into the subscription model to keep using the features I'd been using for years and had already paid for. Quickbooks 2014 does nothing that my earlier version didn't already do. It has more features, certainly, but I don't foresee using them.

  • Greesemonkey3 - Terrible taste

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