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  • Steppenwolf - it's fun for a world cup fan and a nice collectible

    Fifa videogame franchise has been stalling the last few years, probably due to a lack of competition (Konami's PES used to be a real contender). This one is basically a theme-version of Fifa 14, with a few glitches tweaked. It shows however, a lack of detail in players design, surely a consequence of rushing through development process. Still, it's fun for a world cup fan and a nice collectible

  • Samantha King - Bat Lights

    These lights are awesome! I got these to set up at our campsite this weekend, and I think it will be so much fun. I'm not sure if we will have any access to electricity at the campground so these are perfect being that they are solar powered. The lights are a very bright LED blue color and there are a few different functions, different flash patterns etc. Super fun halloween decoration!

  • Amazon Customer - those that need robust accounting tools will really appreciate the software

    Powerful accounting or bookkeeping software for your business. Yearly support services require you to purchase annually and this is trending with what the industry is doing with Office Software and also with accounting software. Quickbooks only supports a few years before it no longer is supported and is essentially obsolete.

  • G. Shane - This book shocked me

    A great, great book. I stopped taking my Prevacid before I finished the second chapter. Dr. Wright exposes how the medical profession treats the problem of a little bit of stomach acid in the wrong place (your esophagus) by almost completely neutralizing your stomach acid with powerful drugs. But without stomach acid, you can't absorb nutrients properly, and you can't prevent bacteria growth in your stomach! Thank God I found this book, or I would have taken those pills forever, and my symptoms weren't even that bad. I needed to change a few eating habits, not get rid of stomach acid forever. I was honestly taken aback that doctors could be so ignorant of the importance of stomach acid for your health, and so willing to casually prescribe a powerful (and profitable) pill to simply make the symptoms go away without treating the cause.

  • Janelstarz - Chemical Free!

    I was very happy to get this maternal anti blemish face wash in the mail. When it arrived I was impressed with just how large of a tube of face wash this actually it. It is much larger than I had expected and the tube is almost bursting, in a good way, with how full it is. I ordered this product because I have a friend studying nutrition who has been teaching me just how dangerous products full of chemicals can be when you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. I have taken great lengths to try to get products that are safer for me to use as I try to get pregnant after a lot of disappointments. This product is great because it is safe to use while pregnant and while breastfeeding. It doesn't contain any harsh chemicals that would harm you or get passed on to baby. This face wash has a light feel to it that feels light weight on and leaves my skin feeling clean. It is great for sensitive skin and doesn't have any strong fragrances or chemical smells. Going through invitro (IVF) my skin seems to change every time I change medications and I am happy to find a product like this one that was created for women and the hormonal changes we go though that can really change the condition of our skin. I didn't feel this face wash dried out my skin in any way and I really think you will love it like I do. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. If you found this review helpful please click Yes below.