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SIGIS | The Special Interest Group for IIAS Standards - The Special Interest Group for IIAS Standards was formed to create a standard industry solution that could be both scaleable and broadly adoptable, while consistent with IRS requirements.

  • https://www.sig-is.org/about-sigis SIGIS | About SIGIS - About SIGIS provides an overview of who SIGIS is and the services that are offered.
  • https://www.sig-is.org/programs/eligible-product-list SIGIS | Eligible Product List - A list of eligible health care/medical products that qualify for purchase with Health Benefit card.
  • https://www.sig-is.org/programs/tps-merchant-certification SIGIS | TPS Merchant Certification - Information for how merchants that use a SIGIS certified third-party servicer may qualify for a simplified IIAS certification.
  • https://www.sig-is.org/programs/iias-versus-90-rule-comparison SIGIS | IIAS versus 90% Rule Comparison - A comparison that highlights some of the key characteristics and requirements of both the IIAS and 90% Rule programs.
  • https://www.sig-is.org/card-holders/store-locator SIGIS | Store Locator - A store locator by which consumers can find IIAS and/or 90% retail locations that support the SIGIS standards.
  • https://www.sig-is.org/card-holders/eligible-products SIGIS | Eligible Products - A list of eligible and ineligble products for card holders to purchase with Health Benefit Card.

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  • Shirley - It would not download on my computer. I sent ...

    It would not download on my computer. I sent it back, but its too soon to know if it was acknowledged.

  • Sidney - Five Stars

    these gummies taste really good, I love them! lots of flavor and without any aftertaste like with other brands.

  • Tyler Nelson - I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

    A few months ago my infant got RSV (he was 2 months old). It was obviously scary and I was taking him to the hospital every day to get his nose sucked out. When it got to the point that the nurse didn't have to stick a tube up his nose and to the back of his throat to get the mucous out, she was using something that looked exactly like this to get the mucous out that was now only in his nasal cavity. She recommended this product to me and told me I could basically do the same thing they're doing and get it out at home. At first the idea kind of freaked me out, but it cost us $70 every time we took him to the hospital to get sucked out. I figured it was at least worth a try, especially at a very reasonable price. When it arrived my husband and I tried it on ourselves first to see how it felt. It didn't hurt or suck too hard that it was uncomfortable. I would suggest strongly that you use saline along with it to loosen everything up and have an easier and more comfortable time getting it out. My little guy doesn't love it, but no child likes things sucked out of their nose. He didn't hate it anymore than the bulb syringe or nose frida. In fact, he now smiles at me after I'm done because he can breathe!! I know the nose frida is huge right now but this works so much better! I'm so happy my nurse told me about it and I wish more people knew about it so I'm trying to spread the word! This product is amazing!

  • Michael D. Witowich - Simplify by Bill Hybels

    Do you remember a time when life felt so much simpler to you? Maybe you can't or perhaps your recollection of your toddler years has faded into the distance. And, if so, you're not alone. Most people I know find life anything but simple. And, whether Christian or non-Christian alike, this lack of simplicity affects everyone and can have a dramatic impact on our ability to function and enjoy our lives. Bill Hybels new book Simplify, addresses the quest for simplicity and offers helpful suggestions on moving into a less stressful and easier way of living.

  • Krystal - FALSE POSITIVE

    We have been trying to conceive for almost 4 years and I have always used FRER because it is said to be the most trustworthy and shows a positive before other brands. After all these years of trying, I was overjoyed to get a positive result. It was clearly positive (dark pink line - NOT an evap. line) and trust me, I know how to take a pregnancy test correctly. I use a cup to test in case this were to ever happen, and I excitedly got out two more tests from the box to confirm. You can imagine my shock when both tests came up NEGATIVE. I was absolutely crushed. All the tests were taken with the same urine, so it must have been a faulty test. I can't say for sure if the new design is to blame, but in 4 years I have never had this happen with the old tests. I read a few other reviews that said the same thing happened to them. I called the company and they issued me a refund, but it doesn't make me feel any better. I've completely lost faith in these tests.

  • Adam B - DOES NOT WORK

    Followed all of the directions perfectly. Left the product in my hair for the longest recommended time and my hair is still curly. Buying this product is the same as setting your wallet on fire.

  • usatut - The answer to this nation's problems

    This book is the answer to what is ailing this nation and the world as well. What happened 2013 years ago to bring us to this time in History? We know that man has been on earth for thousands of years so what happened to start time over again? Jesus died on the cross for us. If He created us and died for us, shouldn't we live for Him? As in Noah