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  • Victor L.S. Hansen - it has the basics

    I choose this book because my student's school used to use it. Their new book is terrible, so I use the old one. It has lots of examples to practice and covers proofs well.

  • Retro Prep - I didn't try it for a long time but finally when my aging skin started getting the best of me I tried it and it's SO GOOD

    My dermatologist gave me a sample of this last year. I didn't try it for a long time but finally when my aging skin started getting the best of me I tried it and it's SO GOOD. I actually use the PM cream during the day too. Truth be told I am 45 and was using only Trader Joe's Moisturizer. I started looking more and more wizened but had no time or funds to get anything expensive. This is very moisturizing and plumps fine lines but is SO much less expensive then the other top rated moisturizers! A great basic moisturizer for the 40's. Try it! (Don't get the AM - it has sunscreen and balls up under makeup.)

  • Kevin Lee - Love this $9999.99 cable!

    Wow what a beauty this thing possesses! i've seen some fancy hdmi cables but this diamond feature beats it all!

  • Steve D - Outstanding product. I have one permanently installed in my ...

    Outstanding product. I have one permanently installed in my whole house generator and it works perfectly. I was introduced to this product by a friend that uses it on the batteries in his off the grid solar array. I witnessed batteries that tested "bad" on a load tester, test "good" after a few days on the BatteryMINDer. These batteries preformed well when reinstalled in the array for the solar power. That convinced me that this device performs as advertised. I have one that I move around to several batteries and so far, they all are performing to spec.

  • Amazon Customer - High quality product, but terrible fit

    While the product is high-quality, it was impossible to make it fit and stay put in my ears. Very uncomfortable, and none of the three sizes of ear bud covers or ear hooks fit me correctly (I have medium-sized ears in general). The sound quality and manufacturing was great, so if the ear hooks just hooked on to the ear more than with a tiny touch in a small space, it may be better.

  • my input - great app

    I have a Kindle Fire & this app works perfectly just like when I watch on my TV. I love it!! No lag time, no stopping perfect picture.