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  • Tomas Jimenez - really pleased with this purchase, it’s a great camera.

    I decided to get this for my son he loves technology and we got this for his new car, the funny side was that he told me we could you this as well, he was right off course and I was already thinking this can be useful for the road trips when I have work out of town but Jason also likes to be always on the road more so than me, and at the end when we test the camera on his car we were both impressed with the camera and all the functions on this, and specially all the features it has concerning safety, another thing that I liked is that its powerlead and the warranty that you’ll have a good product so I already got another one for myself and I’m really pleased with this purchase.

  • David G. Younger - Terrible customer support

    This product is not one that Roxio provides technical support for and customer support is even worse. Do not buy any Roxio product.

  • Todd - Great floor coverage extending well over the carpeted areas

    These liners are exactly what I was looking for 2014 ram crew cab. Great floor coverage extending well over the carpeted areas. Looking forward to seeing how these work this fall during the hunting season. Shipping was ahead of schedule as well.

  • sarah - LOVE this product!

    I'll try anything to fight the flab and there's certainly something about Garcinia that makes me less likely to comfort eat. I've bought and completed two 30 day bottles from this company now and I'm generally happy with the results. Thanks...

  • Christopher Mclain - Works, but make sure it lights up and connects when you charge.

    Using a very minimal, thin, hard plastic case you have to set it just-so for it to connect and charge. Several times I've woken up in the morning to see my phone is almost dead. That's my fault for just putting it down and not checking to make sure the charger lights up to tell me it's connected, but it's still annoying. Even so, I bought a second one for my office.