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  • larry the reviewer - Extremely Disappointing, to Say the Least

    First of all, as usual Amazon did a great job of delivering the correct product, and on time. But that' been about the ONLY thing that has been satisfactory about my experience so far. I've only been using Outlook for a few days so far, but that's enough to know I really don't like it at all.

  • Matthew - concrete ideas for each section of the test and includes excellent mini lessons on topics for each section of the ...

    This GRE Test Prep Book 2015-2016: Study Guide & Practice Test Review of Math, Analytical Writing, and Verbal Reasoning for the GRE Exam. It starts with twelve overall strategies to help you test well and improve your score. Then it gives concise, concrete ideas for each section of the test and includes excellent mini lessons on topics for each section of the test. It is well formatted. It is not one of those big and intimidating books that you always see as prep books for test. This guide gives you examples and exercise to execute yourself and it covers all the main points that will be on the test. The guide also includes tips on how to take any test and achieve the greatest score test possible.

  • Gracielou - Questions

    I have light skin and dark hair. I have been receiving laser hair removal for a number of years. I am interested in starting to use laser hair removal at home for my legs. I am wondering if this product simply lessens hair growth over time or will eventually remove hair completely? How does it compare to the other Silk'n products that are also used for laser hair removal-does it remove it faster, is it less painful, etc? I would love to hear how others compare this to the NoNo and the Tria. I am interested in getting a quality deal for money I spend, as I think most customers are. Any help would be appreciated. Also, does it come with a warranty or a guarantee of hair removal? And, how do you all feel about the customer service? I have read some negative things about Tria and their treatment of customers. Thanks! Ignore my review, I just had to give it a rating to post my questions.

  • Caroline - Hair loss around edges

    I immediately starting using and my edges instantly began to thicken and fill in. I have hair around my edges now!

  • Jamie - So easy to use !!

    This was so easy to read my SD card even mini SD snd more. I even read a couple of my SDcards that I had music on and I was good to go with this card reader /writer handy device it was so actually easier than I thought I thought that it was going to be a mission to actually set up and convert what I had on my SD card to my CELPHONE!!! All I did was plug the Sd card into the realtor and then that up to my phone after something to title it pops up on my device file manager that you could go right on the App Store ..and I wS good to go .All my stuff was right there on my cell phone!!I was so happy and still happy till this day.wish the wire was a little bit longer but other then that this has helped me so much!!I purchased this game camera view at a discount and have found that this is an awesome and a must have device for everyone !'it is made out of good material and dies the job intend with getting to read multiple different sizes of cards!