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SLEEP DISORDERS CLINIC HAMILTON & ST CATHARINES - Sleep Disorders Clinic in Hamilton. Locations in both Hamilton and St Catharines, the sleep clinic offers a full range of sleep services. We pride ourselves on patient and physician satisfaction in the area of sleep disorders.

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  • Amanda A. - Great walking stick!

    I love this aluminum Trekking walking stick! I love the color and how easy this product is to use! My fiance and I go on hikes all the time and this walking stick helps me to keep pace with my fiance. High quality, well made product!

  • stephie - Nothing added, tastes great

    These are the best. Their ingredients? Potatoes, butter and sea salt. That's it. No preservatives, no artificial anything, no coloring, nothing besides potato, butter, and salt. That's why I like these potatoes. And, I can make only the amount I want per meal and save the rest, wrapped/sealed in the fridge for another time. I make these simply by adding boiled water and stirring to the consistency desired. Paired with something like 

  • K. Carnes - Great Product When Properly Applied by A Dealer

    I cannot speak to the Bad Customer Service or Warranty about this Product but I can speak to the quality of this Product. For Those who are Writing Bad Reviews about the Quality of this Product, I can tell you that if the Dealership is "cheating" and not properly applying this product by 1) Not applying 2 coats as they should or 2) not applying a smooth or full application of this product across your entire car then your entire car will not be properly protected from bugs and bird droppings. So before thinking that there are Product Issues, you should be going after your Dealership and making them Reapply It at their Expense a/s/a/p.

  • Annette Ross - Warning: Can Cause Serious Complications

    Two months into a 3-month herbal detox which included Elemis Deep Drainage, Cal-Metab Plus, Vitality, and Silhoutte, I started feeling nauseated, headaches, off-balance, dizzy, insomnia, night sweats, fatigue, increased heart palpitations, hot spots on my skin, confused, memory loss, high blood pressure which is not norm for me. Looked up ingredients one by one and found that 3 different ingredients had the side-effects I was experiencing so I stopped taking the supplement.

  • An old lady - I love Grey's - this review is directed at Amazon - ...

    I love Grey's - this review is directed at Amazon - It is 8:01 am on Friday, and last nights episode of Grey's is not available yet, while it is available on Hulu. If you are going to have people pre-pay for a season, you should offer episodes in a timely manner.