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True Weight Loss= A 3,500 Calorie Deficit After 7 Days= 1 lb Body Fat - One pound of body fat can equate to several pounds of weight loss due to associated water weight (water weighs~8 pounds/gallon).

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    I was hesitant to believe it helps kid's acne. My teenage son is convinced that these vitamins have cleared his skin. I must say that his skin IS CLEARER. He didn't have bad acne but his skin looks smooth and what I do notice a lot is that he isn't so oily. My son loves these vitamins, so I do too. Wish they weren't so big. My younger teen son chokes every time he tries to swallow one. I have to cut each one into thirds and you take three pills. Too much work. Glad he doesn't have acne.

  • KymmLisa - Just ordered another bottle!

    After having skin cancer twice, from baking myself in the sun all my like, I've learned my lesson and switched to sunless tanners. I must have tried 10-15 different brands in the last two years! They all either smelled really bad, looked orange, or made a huge mess and transferred onto my clothing for days!! Then I tried Tan Physics after reading it was rated #1 by one of the beauty magazine I read. When it came I was hesitant to put it on, so it sat on my counter for a few days then I tried it and WOW this goes on just like lotion, you can see where it's going on, there are no streaks, no orange color and no transfer onto my clothing! Believe me if you want to try a self tanner, this is it!!