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  • biminconstruction - authoritative

    the official bible of everything you want to do with revit. for 99% of architects or contractors on 99% of projects, you will find whatever you need to find in this book. it is written with a sense of humor ("how to model your evil lair") without watering down content. glossary complete enough that every topic can be found pretty quickly.

  • Johnny Utah - 5 US and the 45 fits exactly the way a road shoe is supposed to - like a glove all around my foot

    Will update review later once I've had a chance to use them on a long ride. For the moment just wanted to chime in that I'm a 10.5 US and the 45 fits exactly the way a road shoe is supposed to - like a glove all around my foot, with some wiggle room side to side for my toes.

  • Natalie M. - Safe and convenient; a few minor flaws

    UPDATE 07/2016: very disappointed in the material. It was advertised as moisture wicking and my son's shirts are so wet I can actually wring them. They feel like I just got them out of the washing machine. This wasn't a problem when the weather was still cool, but now I have to bring spare tee shirts for him. Going back to using Clek Fllo. It's heavy and bulky, but it keeps my kid dry.

  • Tracy - Best thing I've found for back pain relief and quality sleep without medication!

    This thing is amazing! When I have back pain, I put this pad right on the spot that hurts for at least 45 minutes and the pain diminishes almost completely every time. It's the same relief I get when I take 2 ibuprofen, but without drugs. I put my bare feet on it at night while I'm sleeping and I sleep better, need less sleep and wake up refreshed.

  • ICBB Shopper - Thorough but not so much

    Very detailed, with the exception of the index. You also have to jump around to find detail about a task mentioned earlier but explained later. I would recommend it, but I have no competitor manuals with which to compare it.

  • maddog - Once I figured out which end to remove the cap ...

    Once I figured out which end to remove the cap to adjust the length, no problem with install. On mine, the "front"/"back" sticker location indicated the correct side to remove the cap to adjust width of bars. Install was fairly simple (used ladder with one knee on top of car :) and there is no noise. Just need a kayak now to go on top of them!

  • Susan Ann Wabschall - Doesn't work

    Save your money. It does NOT work. FALSE advertising!!! I don't know how manufacturers of products like this get away with such false claims!