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Stage 4 Breast Cancer Treatment - Breast Cancer Chemotherapy | Specialised Therapeutics Australia - Specialised Therapeutics is leading the way in making available effective treatments and therapies for advanced breast cancer.

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  • Skylerdeyarmin - The redness and swelling of my scar has decreased pretty substantially. I think this is one of the ...

    Only time will tell how much this product really helps, but I've been applying this for about 2 months and I can already see a major difference. The redness and swelling of my scar has decreased pretty substantially. I think this is one of the top products on the market. Worth the money in my opinion.

  • Rich - Awesome Bike!!

    I bought this bike for my 13 year old son and he loves it. Lightweight, quick and comfortable ride. He seems very happy with it and his friends all like it too.

  • william Congreve - Buy the 2015 Edition Instead

    I'm also an attorney, and am VERY disappointed in Kaplan's 2016-2017 edition. In order to do well on the LSAT (and the Bar exam too) one has to practice and drill with similar questions. Instead, this edition wastes most of its 933 pages on explaining the various types of questions which may be offered on the exam. In brief, it's big on theory, and short on practice exams one can actually challenge and time oneself with. (There is only 1 practice exam, and one must register on-line in order to take it.) It does offer "Question Pools" in each of the LSAT sections, which is nice, but those do not allow one to simulate the actual test under timed conditions.

  • slayer12 - Great but be CAREFUL!

    This works amazing and really destroys any adhesive it touches, you need to be very careful with this though because it will strip your interior / any non clear coated paint.

  • A. Foster - Did not work for me

    I have very fair skin with some light redness around my nose and on my cheeks that bothers me. I bought this with high hopes but I ended up sending it back. It was no more effective than a heavy foundation would be AND it disappeared within an hour. Something that costs this much should be able to stand up to heat and humidity (Texas summers) better than that. HUGE disappointment.

  • Tricia S. - Expandable Hitch Tray Cargo Carrier

    This is an awesome carrier! It is huge. The first thing I noticed about it when I unpacked it was the size. It came folded up in this little square. Then bam... unfolding it, seemed like it's bigger than 15 cuft. This thing can hold a lot! I think a lot of it has to do with the way it unzips & the shape. My other 15 cuft. car carrier is a more square, flat shape, and unzips on 2 sides, which has you stuffing items in. With this, it's like a box where the top zips off, folding one edge back. It's easy to pack this way. There is a zipper around the circumference, that expands the bag, and it actually gives you about 6" more height. There are a couple zippered pockets on the inside which gives you space to stuff smaller items without losing them in the main area.