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  • Amazon Customer - Beautiful watch but Battery issues....

    Bought this watch 6 weeks ago. The watch looks great, well made and works great, BUT.... The battery is really bad.I take it of charge at 730am and the battery is dead by 330pm (8 hours) with very very light use. I've played around with the setting, lowered the brightness, turned off the always on feature and at most I might get an extra hour of standby.I read the bad reviews about the battery before I bought this watch and thought, no no these people must be doing something wrong, I'm tech savvy, I'll have no problems with this watch... But boy was I wrong.Basically in short, there's no point having a beautiful watch that you can't use. Shame......

  • nurse - Good Review

    Brand New edition with the disc. It is very help for the NCLEX and HESI review. I plan to use it over and over.

  • Beej27 - The biggest complaint I have aside for releases that have not been tested and seem more like beta versions than versions that sh

    I've been using NOF since version 1. I've limped along with all sort of issues and I'm sitting and holding on NOF 11. At that time of their first released, it surpassed Front Page. The biggest complaint I have aside for releases that have not been tested and seem more like beta versions than versions that should be sold, is the LACK OF TECHNICAL SUPPORT! When you have a buggy program, the very least a company should do is provide phone support. Their email support does NOT accommodate the needs of a small business that requires same day service. It takes days even WEEKS to get a response from their email support and most frustrating is often time, they ask you a question that you've already addressed and then it takes WEEKS to them to respond to the issues with the dream a resolution exists. I have a copy of NOF 13 but I am nervous about migrating my current websites to it for fear I'll spend weeks doing of working around the bugs and not getting appropriate level of technical support. The learning curve is less daunting than the LACK OF SUPPORT!!! I even wrote their CEO through Facebook and he never responded. He doesn't strike me as a CEO that cares about anything more than pumping out new versions with the hope customers don't care how functional it is. He needs to care about his customers who rely on his program and expect he care about supporting his products.