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Stanley Ducharme - Specializing in Sexual Dysfunction, Physical Disability, Addictions - Stanley Ducharme, Ph.D., spinal cord injury, brain injury, rehabilitation, physical disability, sexual dysfunction, disfunction, impotence, erectile dysfunction, pre-mature premature ejaculation, sex therapist, therapy, psychologist, psychology, psycholgists, counseling, sexuality and disability, addiction, relationships, couple counseling, marital therapy, fertility, depression, trauma, sexual addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse, health psychology, female sexual dysfunction, psychotherapy, ducharme, stress, libido, sexual desire, consultation, Boston, MA, ma, mass, Massachusetts

  • http://www.stanleyducharme.com/resources/female_sexual.html Female Sexual Functioning and Dysfunction - Stanley Ducharme is a psychologist and sex therapist specializing in physical disability, rehabilitation, sexual dysfunction and relationship issues. He also provides consultation and training to rehabilitation hospitals and community agencies on issues of sexuality and disability.

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  • Charles Thompson - This is a fantastic mouse. This cannot use weights

    This is a fantastic mouse. This cannot use weights, but I don't use them usually so I don't see any downside. The battery lasts for a very long time while gaming. I imagine you'd have to play for more than 10 hours to kill it, I have not managed in a single gaming session even with other light computer activities throughout the day. The battery also recharges quickly. I am 6 foot tall and this mouse fits my hand comfortably, My 5'4 wife also thinks it is not bad with her tiny hands. Very satisfied.

  • Brandyn - Works well; gold plastic looks cheap

    Works well and is less bulky than the other external battery I have with the same capacity. The gold looks like cheap plastic in my opinion, but that isn't surprising for the price you pay for the product.