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  • Hatbox121 - Good stuff

    This stuff is great. It only takes a little so it should last a long time. You are only supposed to apply it no more than once a week. I do use a good moisturizer afterwards so I've had no issues with it drying my skin out. I don't have a bunch of acne so I can't say how well it works on that. I'm planning on trying it on my entering into the teens daughter just for that. You simply rub it on, wait 10-15 minutes for it to dry and then wipe off with a wet cloth. Ta da! Done. I do it while I'm soaking in the tub.

  • Charms - Great Lactatio booster

    I love this lactation premama it was a booster for my milk I did notice a difference in my milk it made me feel engorged which is awesome means baby gets more mommy milk, shes one now but Im still pumping and will purchase more for that booster since I dont latch her on anymore. The taste was good for me lots of people complain that the taste is not good its a bit sweet but if thats your problem just add more water I wouldn't pass of on this I would give it a try specially if its going to benefit your child or baby very happy with,my rwsults hope you are too