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City: -9.1394 , Portugal

  • deb1210 - Seducing the Marquess

    The blurb of Seducing the Marquess sounded like something I needed to read. Newly married, Lady Eugenia Devon and Richard, Marquess of Devon, have a proper marriage. A marriage of convenience. It is one of respect and affection, but lacks love. Devon's been taught that you take care of your needs with a mistress-not with your gentle wife. But once he's married, he's not interested in a mistress any longer. He only really wants Eugenia. Eugenia, also only wants Devon, so she tries to entice him to fall in love with her after she finds a naughty book. She believes she could have what the book dictates with Devon, so she strives to make it happen.

  • sandman - Improved handling

    If your driving one of the new jk for the first time,you will notice your all over the road.this is normal for this offroad vechicle.when you install the duel stabilizer you will notice much better controll on the blacktop.the difference is hard to believe.you will be very happy with this simple mod.

  • warlord - 2012

    What can you say about the end of the world? John Cusack and company do a great job with an absurd premise. It's fun, exciting, suspenseful, and utterly ridiculous, but who wouldn't know that going in?

  • RPainter - The best joinery solution

    I have always have had issues with common joinery. I started with dowels, moved to spline joints, to biscuits, then mortise & tendon and finally dove-tail. All were tedious and most of them not as strong as I expected. With Kreg's pocket screw system, I am finished looking for the perfect joinery method. It is soooooo easy and the strongest solution to any joint application. My first project, I made a simple small table. 2 hours prepping the wood, 15 minutes drilling the holes and assembling the table. I was happily shocked. It looked great and so strong I stood on the table, which if I tried that with any of the other joints, I would ended up on my butt in a pile of splintered wood. I can't say enough good things about this product. I MUST for any woodworker or project that requires joining 2 pieces of wood together. Don't forget to purchase a lot of Kreg pocket screws because you will want build a lot of projects right out of the gate! 6 Stars!!!

  • Wendy Butterfield - This book gave me some tips that I didn't understand ...

    This book gave me some tips that I didn't understand when I took the class at school. I know I would not have passed the exam had I not used this book as my study guide prior to taking all the practice tests in preparation for the real deal.