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Terras de Sicó - Terras de Sicó: Alvaiázere, Ansião, Condeixa-a-Nova, Penela, Pombal e Soure

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City: -9.1394 , Portugal

  • Rorschach Failed - It does not work! Wast of money!

    I have seven dogs 70lb to 120lb . We live in a high Tick and Flea area. All dogs got a Seresto collar in March. Right away I found some Ticks on them - but I wanted to give the collar some time to work and waited... By june I found more and more fat Ticks on them - alive and happy! By July all had Fleas! Going back to Spot ons. Never had a flea problem before.....

  • Voltrax - Very good phone with hopes of making it a great phone with some mods

    This is an amazing phone for the price. Very fast, but with limited memory. It started running out of memory as soon as my applications started downloading to the phone. But...once I was able to reduce the memory usage on it, it worked absolutely fine and ran very fast. I watched video on it and all of the applications I did have left on it after deleting the ones that would not run now the phone runs fine. The screen is plenty bright and calls sound fine on it.

  • crakkerman - Be careful....Safety Concern

    My son received this watch for his birthday yesterday. The watch got very hot on his wrist leaving a red round mark. We put it on the charger and then it stopped working altogether. Today I went an bought the same watch from Walmart because he was so disappointed that the first one didn't work. I opened the package turned on the master switch, plugged it in to charge and again nothing. The instructions indicate that once the connection is made the charge battery message should display on the screen. Again nothing. I called technical support and that was less then helpful. So, I went back to Walmart exchanged the second watch again and got a third one. Took this one home opened it up and it worked....everything was good, for a minute. I placed it on the charge and it immediately started to get hot and it smelled like something was burning. The battery charging display didn't come on and the system wouldn't turn back on. Needless to say I'm less than impressed with this product.

  • Amazon Customer - This is maybe the fourth time I have ordered Kasperky Internet Security for friends and myself.

    I use all three licenses (for $19.99 on Amazon) for myself. But at this price it is worth it if you only use the license once. Here's a tip that I'm sure Kaspersky won't appreciate... I never renew it at the end of the year. It is cheaper to buy a new license at Amazon's price than it is to renew an existing license. And I found out I do not have to reinstall the software. I just go to the manage license window and enter the new license number. Several of my friends agree that Kaspersky does not slow down the system as much as Norton.