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GAIA | Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance - GAIA was founded in response to the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. GAIA provides life-saving services to rural African villages. By connecting communities to care

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  • CourtneyE - Did a lot of research before selecting this brand...

    Best $20 I have spent in a long time. This tumble is the perfect size and really does keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. I used it last night for water and sure enough the ice cubes were still there this morning. Filled it up this morning with hot coffee- and I have yet to reheat the original coffee- and I like my coffee hot!

  • Renee Hanks - It works for me

    I have been using this now going on six months. I will tell you all out there, that this works for me.Everybody is different, so this will work different with others. Other view points will be different from mine as well.Do your home work, wished I did.I'm 53 and have been going though Menopause for 7 years. I've tried a lot of other products out there, and found this to be what I needed. The price is a bit more then the others , but this works for me, so in the long run, I'm saving money by staying with this and not jumping around from one product to another that don't do anything for the menopause symptom I was having.I would like to see the price come down so other women can try this and see if it will work for them. It works for me!! From Iowa.

  • B. Chancellor - Functions as a Yeti However no Different than other Generics.

    This is the second not Yeti cup I have tried. Let m say that functionally they all have held ice to the exact same degree that my Yeti does. This cup does not fit in my cup holder in my car. The base seems to be a little larger than a Yeti. My main complaint about this cup is the Sticker they put on this thing. I have tried several different methods, including Goo-Gone and you can still see where the sticker was on the cup. What ever insane glue they use seems to have discolored the steel.

  • SoMel - Air diffuser with so many benefits

    I received this Viva natural air aromatherapy essential oil diffuser a few weeks ago and I really love this thing. Finally an air freshener I can feel good about using. I have small children and try to keep as many chemicals as possible out of the house. So all the air freshener sprays and candles they sell in the stores are usually out of the question. When I purchased this diffuser I first thought I was only going to get something that will make my house smell good without having to use chemicals. But now I know that using this air diffuser comes with many more benefits besides making the house smell good. Per manufacturer the diffuser improves the air quality, allergies, sleep patterns, and your overall skin health and fights bacteria and fungus while humidifying dry air. I feel confident in backing most* of these claims up (*nobody in our household has allergies so I can't really verify that part...)The ultrasonic technology this diffuser uses breaks up essential oils into into fine Micro particles without using heat. Which is great for keeping up the quality of the essential oils and also I don't have to worry about my kids knocking it over and possibly getting burned.