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The Gardner Firm - Lawyers Representing Workers - The Gardner Firm is an employment law firm committed to representing workers in employment, civil rights, personal injury, WARN Act, and class action cases.

  • http://www.thegardnerfirm.com/employmentlaw.html The Gardner Firm - Labor and Employment Law - The Gardner Firm attorneys represent workers and their families in labor, employment, civil rights, and WARN Act cases on a nationwide basis.
  • http://www.thegardnerfirm.com/warnactlawyer.html The Gardner Firm - WARN Act Lawyers - Nationwide WARN Act Lawyers. Our experienced attorneys pursue WARN Act claims in all fifty states.
  • http://www.thegardnerfirm.com/maryolsen.html The Gardner Firm - Mary Olsen - Mary Olsen - Experienced WARN Act Lawyer who represented clients individually and as class counsel in nationwide WARN Act cases.
  • http://www.thegardnerfirm.com/productliability.html The Gardner Firm - Product Liability Cases - The Gardner Firm attorneys represent workers and their families in product liability, asbestosis, mesothelioma, and defective drug cases.
  • http://www.thegardnerfirm.com/personalinjury.html The Gardner Firm - Personal Injury Cases - The Gardner Firm attorneys represent workers and their families in their car accident, and personal injury cases.
  • http://www.thegardnerfirm.com/contact.html The Gardner Firm - Contact a Lawyer - Lawyers for Workers - Please contact us if you have any questions about an employment matter, accident, WARN Act layoff, mesothelioma, asbestosis, or nursing home abuse case
  • http://www.thegardnerfirm.com/practice.html The Gardner Firm - Practice Areas - The Gardner Firm attorneys practice labor and employment law. We also represent workers and their families in their car accident, product liability, WARN Act, and personal injury cases.
  • http://www.thegardnerfirm.com/lawyers.html The Gardner Firm - Labor and Employment Lawyers - The Gardner Firm Lawyers - Serving as advocates for employees, and fighting for fairness in the workplace.
  • http://www.thegardnerfirm.com/disclaimer.html The Gardner Firm - Disclaimer - The Gardner Firm - The Alabama Rules of Professional Conduct require the following disclaimer.

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