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  • Joan Whitehair - Love this camera!

    Take pleasure in this so much! easy at set up had taken only five minutes and that is probably because I did not read the instructions. The Camera is clear d sound is great. Definitely love n recommend this Palermo camera for a baby monitor. We all went through several before this one.

  • CautiousBuyer - Nice Fit and Appearance

    Purchased this to wear while mountain biking. It's perfect. The color and style make the jersey attractive. The fabric is light weight and provides just the right warmth for a cool spring day.

  • C. Bailey - Wow - loving the "ice cream" without the guilt

    Well first - if you don't like bananas then this might not be for you, as it seems all the recipes require at least some frozen bananas in order to give you the creamy texture. I tried to use just frozen strawberries and it came out more like chopped ice then cream - but you might like that. I have tried it with bananas and strawberries, mixed berries, peaches and mango and they are all wonderful!! Very creamy with great fruit taste!! A typical bowl will be 1 medium banana with 4 oz of frozen strawberries - that gives you a full bowl of frozen treat. Kids love it too ... especially the banana mango. You can buy almost any kind of frozen fruit at the store now for 1/2 the cost of ice cream oz for oz. Some folks talk about how you can do the same thing with a fork or a hand mixer, but I tried it and it is so much easier with the Yonanas maker - I burned out a hand mixer trying - wife almost killed me. Clean up is a breeze - the thing comes apart and breaks down to four pieces that are real easy to clean. The cutting head seems very well build of hard plastic and stainless steel. The motor, housing and drive head seem well built and powerful. The only part that seems that it might be a problem is the silicon gasket, just need to be careful and if it tears they sell replacements via their customer support - haven't had any problem just need to be easy with it as you are taking it apart and storing it. As a bonus you can use the brown bananas as they give the best flavor - no waste (how much banana bread can one actually make?) I believe this was money well spent!!

  • A. Blomberg - Good wifi for Windows machines and newer Ubuntu install.

    Had some issues with Linux and Mac drivers. Works great in Windows and my newest Ubuntu machine though!

  • Kyllan - magic!

    I spent quite some time reading reviews and comments, both good and bad. Some have said that this won't clean your floor and I say there's some truth to that. We have a shoes off policy in our house so the amount of clean that's required is probably a LOT less than those people that don't have the shoes off policy in their house. We found that frequently changing the pad also helps the get a cleaner floor. It's also important to remember to sweep before using this as well.

  • CycleCamper - Not absorbing

    It's adequate but not as good as other brands I have tried. It does not seem to absorb well. Maybe it works better for others. It also smells a bit strange to me.

  • b valerio - Granted - this was all stated in the free trial fine print. My issue is that they give you ...

    As a disclaimer I signed up for a free sample and did not buy on Amazon however so many people look at reviews on here, I wanted to leave an honest review. First off, this product is not special. It is essentially a probiotic (lactobassilus) that aids in digestion and GI system maintenance with a ceffeine boost from green tea. The bacteria replaces normal GI flora that may not be present due to diet or medications. A sign that "it is working" is gas, diarrhea, and changes in stools. Some people grow out of this, some people don't. The caffeine is the "weigh loss supplement" - it gives you more energy to be more active and spike your metabolic rate for a few hours allowing you to use more calories than normal, marginally. I'm not here to argue the science - this is how all probiotics and weight loss (mostly) supplements work.