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Home - The Transcription People - You talk. We type. We are specialists in single and multi-speaker audio transcription. We type any audio recording including interviews, meetings, conferences, focus groups, presentations, reports, panel discussions, hearings and blogs.

  • http://www.thetranscriptionpeople.com.au/transcription/ Transcription - The Transcription People - The Transcription People (TTP) are Fast, Accurate, Confidential, Secure and Reliable transcription specialists. We transcribe audio from a wide range of sources and industries including meetings, interviews, focus groups, dictated blog content and podcasts.
  • http://www.thetranscriptionpeople.com.au/blogspeak/ BlogSpeak - The Transcription People - No time to blog? At TTP, we’ve developed a service called BlogSpeak that makes blogging easier. How? All you need to do is record your thoughts verbally into an audio application. We’ll transcribe your audio and send it back to you OR we will transcribe it, post it and share it for you!
  • http://www.thetranscriptionpeople.com.au/about-ttp/ About TTP - The Transcription People - The Transcription People (TTP) is an Australian-based online transcription business founded in 1999 by entrepreneur Annalisa Brimo. It began with humble roots as a small home-based business offering virtual office services, and has grown into a highly reputable and sustainable transcription business with a team of dedicated work-from-home transcriptionists and administrative staff.
  • http://www.thetranscriptionpeople.com.au/clients/ Clients - The Transcription People - TTP has a long list of blue-chip clients who constantly draw on our expertise when they need a high-quality, accurate and fast transcription service.
  • http://www.thetranscriptionpeople.com.au/join-our-team/ Join Our Team - The Transcription People - Our transcription team consists of fast, accurate typists who transcribe audio from various industries via dictaphone and digital technology using Word. Transcribers must be highly proficient and experienced.
  • http://www.thetranscriptionpeople.com.au/faq/ FAQ - The Transcription People - What is transcription? Transcription is the conversion of spoken word to text; a written or printed version of speech. How long does transcription take? Transcription typically takes between three to four times the audio file length.
  • http://www.thetranscriptionpeople.com.au/blog/ The Transcription People Blog - The Transcription People - Audio transcription is a niche skill set that is significantly under-utilised in the business world. The benefits of transcribing a large range of business-related content include self-promotion, improving website visibility, making better organisational decisions, and providing written training material for.
  • http://www.thetranscriptionpeople.com.au/contact/ Contact - The Transcription People - If you have any comments or questions regarding our services, please feel free to contact us. Email: [email protected]

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  • LA/GA Consumer - No more sticky, gooey, melted rubber covered fingers!

    This for perfectly on my 2007 Toyota 4 runner Limited. It was not difficult to install as there are some helpful guides online. No more sticky black fingers when opening my trunk :)

  • Amazon Customer - So far, so good

    So far I've been using this product for 3 weeks and have noticed my booty feels heavier and is becoming slightly fuller..can't wait too see results after 2 months!!!

  • Nina A Moreau - Somewhat disappointed in the product especially after reading good reviews on ...

    Somewhat disappointed in the product especially after reading good reviews on it. You have to make many passes on your face to remove the hair and even then it does not take the hair off even remotely close. Will not purchase again.

  • Steve Radtke - Love the comments on each player

    Love the comments on each player. Gives you a forecast of what each of the top players are expected to do from experts.

  • Mustang - Early Filing Problems! DO NOT BUY - YET!

    While I have bought this program for the last 5 years, I was your typical late filer (4/14) and had no issues. But, this year because I am submitting college financial aid applications, I have to file early in order to be accurate and to meet the application deadlines. I e-filed 3 days ago and got a rejection from the IRS for my son's 1040A because it did not have the AGI for 2011. This is his first time filing and there is no 2011 AGI. But, the program and the IRS are looking for it. There are directions for no 2011 AGI and I followed it, but the e-file system is still looking for a 2011 AGI. Now, I have to file by mail.

  • Amber Harpole - So inspiring!

    The Magnolia Story is just absolutely incredible! I finished this book in a (busy) day so that should tell you something! I just couldn't put it down! The perseverance and determination of the Gaines family is admirable and it definitely taught me a lesson or three about what's important in my own life. This will definitely be kept as a favorite book of mine!