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  • Hillary M. - I love the sound quality

    Would buy again. I love the sound quality, and super easy to pair. My only complaint (and perhaps because while it can attach to 2 devices one is an Apple iphone and the other isn android?) if both devices are on/paired/connected, it always "prefers"the iphone (i.e., if both the iphone and android are connected and I try to use the earpiece to call on the android phone, itunes through the android phone starts playing through the earpiece) This may be user error, but I have no idea, so I just have to disconnect and only keep one device connected at a time, which I do feel takes away from the usefulness (I have a workphone and a personal cell, so they are both on at all times). I love that this is small and discreet, I can use it without looking like "the person that always has a bluetooth earpiece in". The sound quality is very nice, much more than I expected at this price point.

  • Glory Dietrich - MIRACLE IN A BOTTLE!!!

    Lately I have been suffering with UTI's. I read about AZO and that "what the heck!" I started taking two every morning and from the first day my UTI symptoms went away. I will never be without a bottle of AZO! What a relief. Give it a try!!

  • Heidi - It works

    It's a little perfume-y for those of you with sensitivities to scents. I have allergies to certain scents but this doesn't bother me. I liken it to a fabreeze, very strong but after a day or so you can't smell it anymore. I've hosed down and blotted this on quite a bit of upholstery and it doesn't leave marks or discoloration and the kitties don't mark or re-mark (which is the main point right?!?). I've used a similar product (odor-mute) which is also great but as it's a powder it's a little more messy. This liquid is nice, just pour and go.

  • C.Smith - It fits nicely and feels to me to be true to size

    This is a gorgeous cardigan. It fits nicely and feels to me to be true to size. It's nice and plush and very comfortable. Keeps me nice and warm and goes with everything. I am very impressed with not only the price but the quality of this product.