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  • Joanne L - My face was covered in small raised bumps and it felt like fish scale! I have never been allergic to any other skin products.

    This is the first ever beauty product that I'm allergic to. I've applied this over a thin layer of Clinique Moisture Surge (my regular routine) and went out to meet friends. It was fine except that my face started to itch towards the night. I went to clean my face and discovered that my face was fully covered in small raised bumps, and the most disturbing thing was that when I ran my hands through the surface of my face, it alarmed me because it felt like scales instead of my own skin. It was rough, bumpy and nasty! I looked myself in the mirror and I was completely blotchy and red.

  • Daral Ferguson - if it extends the battery life several years for me remains to be seen but I feel good about the chances

    The battery in my garage queen is now fully charged and being maintained, could have bought a less expensive unit

  • Amazon Customer - Ehhhh it's not all that

    So I bought this one after I saw an ad for a similar brand on facebook, I chose this brand based on the reviews and #1 best seller listing. I have a husky and figured this would work great. No. It doesn't do the job as well as I expected. Maybe it works better for horses and short-haired dogs, but it certainly didn't for my Husky. If you want a brush that really works well I suggest the Zoom Groom by Kong. Just my opinion, but I did a test to see which one worked better and the Zoom Groom removed more hair than the SleekEZ.

  • Gilmore Girl - I love this product

    I love this product. This is my 2nd Cooper Cooler. I had my 1st one for about 3 years before the motor finally burned out and I immediately bought this one - my 2nd one. I love it because I drink white wine and inevitably I will have forgot to chill a bottle and this allows me to enjoy my chilled bottle in just a few minutes. I don't keep it on my counter so I don't really care about the color but I bought the one that resembles stainless just incase I do have it out for a party.