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TMS Center of Madison | TMS Therapy for Depression - TMS offers a new, evidence-based, alternative to help adults who suffer from major depressive disorder. NeuroStar TMS Therapy is treatment cleared by the US

  • http://www.tmscenterhelp.com/about-us/ About TMS Center of Madison | Madison, Wisconsin's only provider of TMS | - TMS Center of Madison is Madison’s only provider of transcranial magnetic stimulation. TMS is a non-invasive, non-systemic medical treatment for individuals
  • http://www.tmscenterhelp.com/transcranial-magnetic-stimulation/why-choose-tms-center-of-madison/ Why choose TMS Center of Madison? | - Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive acute and ongoing treatment through Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation sessions. TMS Center of Madison is proud to
  • http://www.tmscenterhelp.com/meet-our-staff/all-staff/ All staff | - TMS Center of Madison is staffed by psychiatrists and degreed, licensed counselors. They are dedicated to providing quality care to assist you in obtaining
  • http://www.tmscenterhelp.com/transcranial-magnetic-stimulation/what-is-tms/ What is TMS? | TMS Center of Madison | Madison, WI | - TMS (transcranial magentic stimulation) offers a new, evidence-based, alternative to help adults who suffer from major depressive disorder. Schedule a free
  • http://www.tmscenterhelp.com/transcranial-magnetic-stimulation/the-tms-process/ TMS therapy treatment process | TMS Center of Madison | - Through a treatment coil, the NeuroStar TMS Therapy system generates highly concentrated magnetic fields that turn on and off very rapidly. These magnetic
  • http://www.tmscenterhelp.com/frequently-asked-questions/ Frequently Asked Questions | - The NeuroStar TMS Therapy system is the first and only TMS Therapy® device cleared by the FDA for the treatment of depression. TMS Therapy is a non-systemic
  • http://www.tmscenterhelp.com/transcranial-magnetic-stimulation/paying-for-tms/ Paying for TMS | - Insurance coverage for TMS Therapy varies depending on individual carriers and plans and may be determined on a case-by-case basis. Our staff members will work
  • http://www.tmscenterhelp.com/transcranial-magnetic-stimulation/neurostar-tms-therapy-clinical-data/ NeuroStar TMS Therapy clinical data | - How were the clinical trials designed and what were the results of the trials? NeuroStar TMS Therapy was studied in depressed patients who had failed to
  • http://www.tmscenterhelp.com/tms-news/ TMS News | - TMS in the news Comedian Neal Brennan discusses his experience with TMS (3/1/16) Magnetic therapy for depression gaining acceptance (6/1/14) Doctors
  • http://www.tmscenterhelp.com/tms-videos/ TMS Videos | - TMS Center of Madison has created a video library to help you understand what TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) is and how it works. View the videos
  • http://www.tmscenterhelp.com/information-on-depression/ Information on Depression | - So what is depression? Depression is a serious medical illness affecting more than 14 million American adults every year. Many people equate depression with
  • http://www.tmscenterhelp.com/nida-resources/ National Institute of Mental Health Resources | -   Depression A detailed booklet that describes depression, symptoms, causes and treatments. Click here.     Women and
  • http://www.tmscenterhelp.com/other-helpful-links/ Other Helpful Links | - National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) The mission of NIMH is to transform the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses through basic and clinical
  • http://www.tmscenterhelp.com/tms-and-your-patient/ TMS and your patient | - Psychiatrists, primary care providers, nurses, psychologists, social workers, counselors, and therapists routinely provide professional services for individuals
  • http://www.tmscenterhelp.com/what-to-expect-when-you-refer-a-patient/ What to expect when you refer a client | - At TMS Center of Madison, we believe that a collaborative approach to client care is the most effective treatment. We will make every effort to work with you
  • http://www.tmscenterhelp.com/how-to-make-a-referral/ How to make a referral | - A single phone call to TMS Center of Madison will get you started. Call , and you will speak directly with a trained healthcare professional. Alternatively,
  • http://www.tmscenterhelp.com/contact-us/ Contact TMS Center of Madison | Madison, Wisconsin's only provider of TMS therapy | - We offer free consultations at our office in Madison, Wisconsin. Contact us to set up a consultation and we'll answer all of your questions and concerns.

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  • charles semonian - it kept crashing and slowing my computer and no refund

    well, i guess this is overkill. i wish i'd looked at these reviews before i'd bought. i don't know how anyone could see these reviews and buy this product, but i've got to vent somewhere. many hours spent trying to fix the problems led nowhere, but they had the nerve to say they'd guarantee to solve all my problems if i paid an additional $199 a year. i guess one is born every minute, but at least i didn't go for that. they wouldn't give me a refund within thirty days of my download, supposedly because i'd purchased it earlier. and trying to understand their accents is no joyride, either. but hey if you buy this product, i guess another one was just born.

  • T. White - Good in some areas, feels rushed to press

    I have previously relied on the Mark Minasi "Mastering" series of books for general reference volumes. I picked up the Windows Server 2008 R2 Unleashed volume, and found it excellent, as good as the Mastering series, even with more than twice as many authors. Unfortunately, the 2012 Unleashed volume feels as if it was rushed to press, as other reviewers have indicated. There are cases of typos, double words, and what are I assume are punctuation mistakes. I hope they clean this up if they do future revisions.