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  • Amazon Customer - not a miracle but still useful

    If you are looking for something that gives you energy this is good. I found I stuck to diet much more when on this. Of course you still need diet and exercise but this does keep u alert (caffeine) and does curb appetite a bit.

  • Lynne Merando - waste of money

    Wanted to get an extra charger for work, plugged it in and my phone constantly beeps every 2 seconds, thought maybe I could silence it and it would still work. does not work at all...waste of money!!! very disappointed! Normally I do not buy things like this online, this is why...stuck with 2 bad charger and out the money!! wish I could return!!!!!!

  • Raya Z. - Purchased 4-dog & 5-cat collars in October, put on ...

    Purchased 4-dog & 5-cat collars in October, put on pets November 1, within 3-day no sign of fleas, 30-days no sign of fleas, 60-days some fleas. 90-days total infestation on all animals.

  • Grandma Tamme - This supplement has helped me a great deal with this since taking it the last couple ...

    Sometimes I find it very hard to concentrate on one thing and I am bouncing around between several instead of efficiently working on task until the end. This supplement has helped me a great deal with this since taking it the last couple of days. I have started and completed several tasks without interruption or stopping to start another before the first one is done. I feel more alert and my short term memory even seems a little better. Thank you for a good product that shows good results by doing what it says it will do. Thank you for the discount I received when I ordered.

  • Dan W - Good value, sound, and they stay on the ears.

    I have had these now for 6 weeks wearing them daily. I wear these anytime I exercise (cycling, walking) or out and about for any reason. Another, cheaper brand is a backup (after 8 hours they do shut down) but those are not nearly as good in sound or staying in the ears as these. So I am likely going to get another pair of this brand. So here are some things that I don't like but are not outweighed by what I do like:

  • cpa-golfer - Better than expected!!

    I ordered this as a gift, hoping that I would get in a golf bag everything he was wanting. I think I hit the jackpot....I even want to steal this bag for myself! It has the extra putter well, there's slots for every club, there's a grip to load the bag in and out of the vehicle, lots of pockets for easy access, tee storage, and it's a very "pretty" bag!!! Of course, I can't tell a guy it's "pretty", but it is!!! I can't wait for him to open this at Christmas! . . . . . and, by the way, I originally ordered this from a golfing website November 28.....when I still didn't get it on December 15 and never received a reason why, I cancelled the order and found it on Amazon even cheaper than what I had planned on paying, plus got free two-day shipping!! I should have jus ordered through Amazon to begin with!