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  • Marie - Great for feet but only feet!

    Warning, ladies DO NOT use this wash on your private areas as it can alter your pH level and lead to growth of bacteria and yeast infections. I had this happen to me several times until my doctor and I realized that the problem was this wash. It works wonders on my feet but I cannot use it anywhere else.

  • Bri Harris - A great multi purpose educational book

    I have had this book for the last 6 years. I have had to replace the book once because it is used so incredibly once. I started reading this with my oldest when she hadn't said any words by the time she was a year old. Once we got her autism diagnosis, this is actually one of the 5 books they told us to buy so we can read with her and start working with speech development and recognition and identification of other items. This is great for both receptive and expressive speech development, especially if you read it often. I have 3 girls who all had some speech development issues and this was the first thing that got them saying some words!

  • brittany - Comfortable

    I got a 9. With socks kind off right but, ok fit. I really like the shoes. I suggest ordering a size up if you plan to wear socks.

  • Rocky Road Slim - For older kids only. Be ready to spend $$$ on programs.

    Not much for activities for kids under 3 installed on it. So far a total waste of money...but hey, if you spend $17-26 per program to make the thing work, you'll do just fine...or so their advertisements say. Not sure I'm willing to pay more without knowing if the additional programs are any good.

  • Mom of Two Boys - Great For Lazy Lawn Owners

    I want a beautiful lawn but I don't want to have to work for it. Each year, I will go out and throw down some grass seed on top of the weeds that proliferate in our yard and hope for the best. (It's sink or swim here, mostly sink).

  • E. Zweiger - Not enough hours in the day

    Extremely slow process. If trying to do toe nails, your legs will cramp up before you see any progress at all. But. I have some weird ones that get bloody if clipped so I have grind away on those. So somewhat useful.