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  • Crystal - This is a great starter set

    This is a great starter set. I was paying more than $100 a month for manicures and pedicures to look the part for my business-formal job's dress code. That is also a lot of time spent in the salon. I wanted something cheaper and easier.

  • Surreptrixious - Wonderful first book

    This book is great to help teach words and simple concepts to children. Board books are great, because babies and toddlers aren't exactly gentle with paper pages, and these pages are easily wiped down if something gets spilled on them. Sometimes I point the pictures out to my son and read the captions, sometimes I read the ones he points out to me. We both enjoy going through the book together.

  • Aquavita - Fun Game with ALL the hardware

    Overall: this is a fun game that gets you moving. My calfs and thighs were sore sore sore the next day. It has a pretty good song line up with everything from current hits to oldies. Most of them songs you can sing along with. The graphics are fun and simple enough to follow with your body and rated easy to hard. We had my 7 and 9 yo boys moving for 3 hours during a snow storm. I also really like that the lyrics are scrolled on the screen too so you can play a little karaoke type thing on your own. Now for the hardware review:

  • Paul H. - Good product for preventative maintenance

    I used STP and Lucas products in the past but recently switched to Sea Foam when my father-in-law told me that the motor pool in the university that he used to work at uses Seafoam in all 150 of their vehicles. He said it seemed to really help those vehicles and he uses it in his vehicle as well. I found it for $7.99 on Amazon and it was $11.99 at the local auto parts store (Advance).