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  • John B. - But then I got past the hokey-ness and realized there is a lot of good stuff there

    I used to not be a big fan of his books. But then I got past the hokey-ness and realized there is a lot of good stuff there. I tend to find the country/area guides better than the city guides, but that's just me.

  • GamGam - Love the Gaines on television

    Finished this in 2 days, it was so enjoyable! Love the Gaines on television, but this book solidified that down to earth real people vibe. I told my husband that you could see so many incidents where some people would have thrown in the towel on marriage and walked away, but these two are grounded in faith and worked things out by bringing balance through prayer into their relationship. I wish that young people today starting out could see that perseverance and work go hand in hand with love. Laughed a lot as well as getting teary eyed.

  • Gretchen - Confused about reviews of Omega XL

    I've been reading these testimonies and they are not very favorable!!! I question this??? Why so many negative reviews?? Wow!! Then the reviews mention snake oil?? Oh really? On TV they say pure fish oil from the pristine waters!!!? The product sounds great on TV but then when you read the reviews.... It makes stop and think? Why is the product so expensive?? Wondering what to do??!

  • Emily Alsup - Wonderful for shingles and psoriasis

    This is an amazing product. I had a recent doubt of shingles which is painful and extremely itchy. The prescribed medication did little to help heal the lesions or manage the itching. Emuaid helped tremendously with the pain as well as itching. It also helped to clear up the lesions. I have also begun to use it on my chronic psoriasis which is often itchy and inflamed. Of the dozens of products I have tried this is the only one that has helped to clear my psoriasis plaque and soothe the inflammation. Overall, a fantastic product for acute and chronic skin conditions.


    As a professional auto detailer i can tell you any claim of "just wipe it on and it lasts two years" is an out right lie. NO SUCH PRODUCT EXISTS. Just like the headlight restoration kits being marketed. Total bull.

  • Bonnie - I hate giving money to this unethical company

    I'm reluctantly giving 3 stars for the software itself. It's ok for bookkeeping. Unfortunately Intuit took over the small business accounting software market many years ago and Quickbooks is the only option