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TWYDIL.com - TWYDIL®: Feed supplements and cosmetics for top performance horses. - TWYDIL® is a range of top quality equine products, nutrition, care and vitamins for competition horses, formulated, produced and commercialised by the Swiss company PAVESCO AG.

  • http://www.twydil.com/fr.html Twydil.com - TWYDIL®: Compléments alimentaires et produits d'hygiene pour chevaux de ahute competition. - TWYDIL® est une gamme de compléments alimentaires de haute qualité destinés aux équidés afin d'harmoniser les équilibres nutritionnels et métaboliques des chevaux de compétition et d'élevage, formulée, produite et commercialisée par la société suisse PAVESCO AG.

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  • Daniella Karimzadeh - this trekking and hiking pole walking stick is great for anyone of any age who loves the outdoors ...

    this trekking and hiking pole walking stick is great for anyone of any age who loves the outdoors and hiking. i gave it to my brother, who actually used it last week on a short hike. he does not have any problems on hikes, but this walking stick surely makes the hike much easier! on summer trips when my brother goes away, he sometimes hikes twice a day, and it can get very tiring. this hiking stick will surely help him out! and really gives you a bit of balance!!! great and durable material!! i love it!!!!! i would highly highly recommend it to everyone!!

  • Levi - It does what it says it will do

    I bought this and put it in my 1998 Ford Expedition and drove across country and back. I have 160K on the truck and it drove like it was brand new and purred when I started up the engine. It is still going strong and I will not go thru another oil change without this stuff. I felt the car had more power between this, the transmission treatment and the fuel treatment. I swear by Lucas products and push my friends to use them as well.

  • Programming Kat - Make sure it's a Genuine MS version

    This one star rating is NOT a rating for the product, but it why the product couldn't be activated. I purchased it from a third party and received a thumb drive while the product key was in a folder ON the thumb drive. Microsoft displayed the product as fraudulent [which put me in a very tight spot legally]; MS and Amazon were great! MS got that I wasn't trying to pirate their software and Amazon returned all my money. This purchased just reinforced the adage: If it's too good to be true, it probably is.

  • N. Ashburner - Callaway Org 14x Cart Bag

    Great cart bag, really can store everything you want in this bag. I wish the clubs had more space, or a better lining as I have arthritis and use oversize hand grips on my clubs that make it a little difficult sometimes to get the clubs back in the bag.

  • Tyler - Easy to install and clears up more table top space for other things.

    I have a lot of electronics hooked up to my entertainment system and just don't have enough shelf space for it all. So I mounted my tv on the wall so I can use the surface where the tv previously sat for more electronic devices such as gaming consoles and what not. The kit was easy to install and feels very sturdy for my 43 inch samsung plasma tv. I mount a piece of 2x4 on the wall to give me a little extra clearance in the back for cables that stick straight out. I received this item at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review.