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U-Vet - Werribee Vet Hospital, Animal Hospital - Emergency Vet Geelong - At U-Vet Werribee Animal Hospital you can rest assured that your pet will receive the very best services provided by highly trained veterinarians and nurses. We are unique in that we are a truly 24/7 service, and with highly trained anaesthetists and anaesthetic nurses as part of our team, your pet will receive the very best anaesthetic care during procedures and pain management.

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  • Eas0608 - A Really Good Place to Start

    This program contains the Alpha and Beta cycles and there is a Gamma cycle you can buy separately. The marketing on TV is all about getting started or getting back into exercise and losing weight. Just so you know, I'm not fat and am reasonably fit, but I moved at the end of the year and that changed my routine. I wanted something I could do consistently to stay fit, and I noticed that my rear was trying to escape down the backs of my thighs and that my middle was squishy and I did not like that. So, to reiterate, I wanted to maintain or increase my cardiovascular fitness, tone up, and develop some core abdominal and upper body strength.

  • D. Rodriguez - My life has changed completely

    My breath was so bad that people would move away from me when I spoke, which made me never want to speak to people or to feel obviously awkward when I did. I tried the rinse and toothpaste and I NEVER have that problem anymore. I am not shy about speaking anymore and I feel SO much more confident in general. This is a real dream come true for me. Abolutely give it a try if you are suffering from bad breath whatsoever.

  • La Pilla - Wow Amazing

    I was captivated by your story from beginning to end. We all have insecurities and different personalities. We tend to change who we are to make others happy but not ourselves. Ryen was amazing and honest when being hurtful to other without seeing her actions caused pain to others. Standing by and letting others get hurt in front of you by other and you do nothing; it makes you no better than the bully because you are a bystander doing NOTHING. I loved your book and what it means to readers. It makes me see that even though there were mistakes done, you can still change for the better. Forgive yourself so you can ask for forgiveness of others. I loved Misha from begging to end. The strength he carried with his pain. He was not scared of Ryen and it helped her in the long run. Thank you Penelope Douglas...can't wait to see what else you write.

  • why waste your money - Intuit does not want you to buy from Amazon or other retailer

    The Payroll enhansed will not work if you are already using payroll enhansed. When you call support they will tell you that a communication error, and need 3 hours of tech support that you have to pay for. But if you reactivate the enhansed online with quickbooks $389 then everything works perfectly no errors. Quickbooks is trying to discourage people from buying from other retailers. I returned it and will do payroll manuelly I will not be blackmailed every year by Intuit

  • Hellkat Studios - Makes your hair a greasy mess, hard to wash out

    Not sure that this worked because it made my hair such a greasy mess 2 days later, after repeat attempts to wash it out, that I never tried it again. It really makes you look like you haven't washed for days if have have any semblance of long hair because it takes that much effort to get it down to your scalp. Certainly wouldn't buy again. Used it on my daughter who has shorter hair and also didn't see any effects.